Will Cyprus Incorporation Be Right for Your Needs?

Discussion in 'Offshore Company & Bank Account Guides' started by Admin, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. CoinMaster

    CoinMaster Member Entrepreneur

    For company formation and merchant account it looks and read to me to be the perfect setup in Europe! Privacy sucks in all entities when you don't use @auric services to creat both.
  2. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    Well you can still protect your privacy when using nominees for a Cyprus company!
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  3. CoinMaster

    CoinMaster Member Entrepreneur

    How easy is that with a public registry in Cyprus? Will my name not appear as beneficial owner in there?
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  4. Gunter

    Gunter Active Member Entrepreneur

    Would you say that appointing foreign nominees will protect your privacy in the Cyprus company? I consider to register a Seychelles holding to won the shares in a new Cyprus company and appoint a nominee I have found to be director. He does not even know he will be director of this :D
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  5. JohnK

    JohnK Active Member Entrepreneur

    How do you rate Cyprus company formation for online business? I don't mean privacy vise but just for business?
  6. lostguy

    lostguy Member Entrepreneur

    @Admin can you please answer the question also let me know if you can help with the registration of the Cyprus company?

    I read lots of good about Cyprus and want to register a company there for my online business. I'm ready to get started after all.
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  7. hiju

    hiju Active Member Entrepreneur

    I consider to setup a new business not for the purpose of tax evasion or to get privacy but for setting up something legit but with tax benefits. For me it looks like a Cyprus company is one of the best entities if your budget is small but you want to do business in Europe.
  8. bountymounty

    bountymounty Active Member Mentor Group Sponsor Entrepreneur

    I plan a total & 100% legal structure and the shady one that I read about here on the forum a few times.

    So my question is, how does the double tax treaties really work for a Cyprus company? Does it mean that if I pay tax in Cyprus I have not to pay tax in my country (say may country have an treaty) is that how I have to understand it?
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  9. hiju

    hiju Active Member Entrepreneur

    I Googled double tax treaty and Cyprus vs UK and there is pulling up a lot of information. I was to post a link there but don't know what I found is real or just something wind up!
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  10. bountymounty

    bountymounty Active Member Mentor Group Sponsor Entrepreneur

    Thank you very much.. I figured it out! Got some help from Admin too ;)
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  11. hiju

    hiju Active Member Entrepreneur

    Great to hear. You setup everything with your own docs for the Cyp. corp?
  12. bastard

    bastard Member

    a cyprus company seems to me to be one of the best entities when doing business online. Flexible and options to dive under the radar!
  13. hiju

    hiju Active Member Entrepreneur

    Cyprus company & bank account has been wonderful for my business to work with. I have spend some money on my setup but it pays back now! Thanks to the forum and all it's nice members cig-:,