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i have no experience with that ,

i'm looking for transferwise backup just in case they asked me for source of income someday .

i have several questions :

can i set my account currency/ default card currency to usd if i registered from uk with worldremit ?

sending international wire transfer from the uk to other countries is cheaper than tw or not ?

what is the customer support standard and kyc ?

Martin Everson

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Not used worldremit in a while. When I last used it the service was nothing more then a cheaper western union or moneygram. So not sure how it can be compared to TW which offers a bit more services and lower rates.

KYC changes everywhere regularly so you need to check latest yourself. When I last used I was never asked for source of funds but again I was only sending small amounts to destinations my normal bank would look at me like this ns2 if I did it through them.
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