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zen.com Crypto friendly

My experience with ZEN is that they do require documentation of transactions more than "normal"
I did sent payment to few clients, and 4 out of 5 clients were asked for supporting documents. The payments was not crypto related but just some payouts from my business UAE bank to their personal (ZEN)
Amounts were only between 1000-2500usd
They freeze the transaction until everything is cleared - An invoice was not sufficient in my case, my clients had to show contracts as well. At the end they released the funds. I was though not expecting this "severe" control for such a low amount..
Was verifying my account when it told me there was an error and that I need to contact support. Did so, they opened a ticket as they couldn't help through the chat. Then I got the following e-mail:View attachment 3943

I don't know what the "j" is and I have no idea what offer they're talking about.
they accept crypto, but of course if you approach them asking to do only this, you can get such kind of answers

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