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  1. M

    Offshore HK vs. BVI vs. CI

    Hello, From the perspective of bank account opening, how would you rate the three offshore locations - Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, Cayman islands - in the willingness of banks to open an account for such companies and/or their shareholders? Cheers!
  2. Y

    Is Bankera good for Interactive Brokers

    I have an IBKR stock trading account and I'm facing slippage of around 9% in forex conversion while depositing funds and withdrawing profits into my local bank account. As brokers don't allow deposits from EMIs and third-party payments, I'm kinda confused whether I should open a Bankera account...
  3. M

    American offshore bank account for non-US citizens

    Hi, After spending hours searching the threads on here, I would like to ask in this new post please: 1) Has anyone made a list of American banks where non-US citizens can open a bank account online without visiting America? A list would be nice as I am sure each bank will have some tiny...
  4. tradingworldwide321

    Bank Account and/or EMI Account for Offshore invesment Company (Crypto)

    Dear readers. I hope you are doing well. As you may know about, I deal with FOREX and I have two projects coming before Decembe 31, that's why I have posted 3 threads, including this one. So this is what I would you to explain: Because of tax planning, asset protection and privacy, I need...
  5. D


    Hello guys I need your advice from your personal knowledge and experience 1. I want to receive Bitcoin payments 2. Here in my country there are 3 treatments A) BTC minering B) Trading C) as payment method I'm a bh affiliate marketer but let's say that ofc I can't show any of that 'substance'...
  6. M

    Which company can help me with setup Nevis Company with Bank account

    Dear People, I'm looking to set up an offshore company for internet business. I'm an expat traveling and living around the globe, every few years I move to a different country. So setting up a company in the current country I live now and having to close when I move again doesn't make any...
  7. H

    The best bank for Seychelles company?

    Hello, Can you please recommend me a bank for Seychelles company with whom you have good experience? I was using LeuPay / LeoPay, but they closed my account as many others here.. I need a bank account in Euro, if you also know about some bank account in a CZK currency, let me know. Thank...
  8. D

    Ecommerce Site Payment- Jewelry/Beauty - Legit to USA/CA

    Hi, We have products of artificial Jewelry and beauty products from Asian continent(India/Thailand) which we are looking to sell to US/CA customers through ecommerce store. Products will be shipped directly by distributors to customer. We need solution for accepting payment from processor like...
  9. P

    Registered company in HK + HSBC bank account

    Hi. I'm selling my company registered in HK (with an HSBC bank account). It's a private limited company registered in March 2013. The main activity is trading of jewelry. It's clean and all audit and renewal fees have been paid for 2019. Please contact me in MP if you are interested. Thanks !
  10. J

    Bank account in Chanel Island

    Dear Gurus, What do you think about Chanel Island? do they provide offshore banking system? Regards
  11. J

    Need Bank account in Isle of man

    Dear All, We do need to have bank account in Isle of man? any recommendations? bank list?
  12. J

    Need bank account in Saint Kitts

    Dear All, We do need to have bank account in Saint Kitts. Any recommendation ??? list of banks??
  13. J

    Need banks in Grenada

    Dear All, Please share with us good banks in Grenada Thank you
  14. N

    Where to open a bank account for Belize company?

    Hello, We need to open a bank account for a Belize company. Please don't offer options with Cyprus and Latvia due to their policy updates regarding offshore companies. In this regard, in what reliable jurisdiction can we open an account for the Belize company? It is very desirable: no need to...
  15. J

    Open bank account for Panama entity?

    Dear All, we would like to open an account for our panama company? any suggestion? any reliable company could do it? Thank you
  16. N

    The best option for a SaaS service?

    Hello, guys! I am looking for experienced advice. I have a company in Belize and bank account in Latvia, but recently my bank lost a license for USD transfers :) and other banks are not happy about Belize companies, so I’d like to register another company and open a new account - in the same...
  17. P

    Corporate Crypto Bank Account

    Dear fellow members, First of all I would like to thank all the members and administrators for maintaining such an amazing forum. I'm a newbie here and been lurking around here for a while. I been scratching my head over a problem for past couple of weeks. I have a quick question, if any of...
  18. D

    Remote bank account opening in non AEOI/CRS country?

    Is there a bank in a non AEOI/CRS jurisdiction where you can open a personal bank account remotely?
  19. John2784

    Offshore bank account - Medbank in Malta

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of or heard of Medbank in Malta? I know its possible to open a bank account online, for personal or business. its not an EMI. But my question is, is it trustworthy? Theres not a ton of info of this bank online, its a small bank with a few branches in Malta. It also...
  20. J

    First Security Bank Solutions

    Hi everybody, Does anybody know or has worked with First Security Bank Solutions. I would like to know more about them. Tanks
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