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Hello guys I need your advice from your personal knowledge and experience

1. I want to receive Bitcoin payments
2. Here in my country there are 3 treatments
A) BTC minering
B) Trading
C) as payment method

I'm a bh affiliate marketer but let's say that ofc I can't show any of that 'substance' or materiality of operation to respective taxation secretary in my country.

What could you recommend me?
Speaking about what kind of materiality specific show to tax authorities

Office, employees and same operation from work

I dunno if this kind of requirements to show authorities in any kind of audit report take less scopes at business in another countries
When it comes to offshore companies or offshore Accounts (which also includes their difficulties to bring the money bank to my country)

I would like to know what fit better for me or what would be better to try
Because I have heard that I could even go to HK an open a skillets company(which ofc I don't do that, as I said I'm an blackhat affiliates) with his respective website and that simple I could get my bank account there

That's why I have my doubts

Best regards
Thanks in advanced


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For a beginning, it would probably be interesting to know in which country you live?

After that, it would usually be enough if you send an invoice to your customers and then you receive payment in bitcoins, switch them immediately to your local currency and post it.
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