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  1. E

    Company + bank account for internet business

    Hi guys, im new here. I had plan to open online business and I need to register company and have bank account with it. Preferable without any visits around the globe. My online business is related to selling digital goods such are analytical data for e-commerce, keeping track of certain data...
  2. Juoffshore

    Bank account for belize company: EPB, ADVANCED CASH or other ?

    Hi Everyone, I have incorporated a belize company and opened a bank account at Euro Pacific Bank. I do web development, I furnish software solutions, and I provide leads to some UK companies. I am french but I live in UAE where I am tax resident. I plan to receive my first 15K euros to my...
  3. T

    Online freelancer recently moved to France seeking best low tax jurisdiction

    Hi all, Current tax domicile/situation... I am a non-EU citizen and have recently moved to France to reside (my domicile for tax purposes); have a residential permit to work or set up as a sole trader/company here - BUT as France is highly unappealing in its paperwork, terms and tax...
  4. R

    doubt about offshore account

    I am young and I am interested in registering at Euro Pacific Bank, I have been researching about offshore bank and which ones are good offshore bank but I had a series of doubts. To register at the euro pacific bank ask this question: 1.- Schedule a phone call interview with an Onboarding...
  5. J

    Panamanian Company with Cyprus bank Account??? Help!!!

    HI Everyone I am new to this world of offshore corporations and everything here, I really like this topic and I have basically learned a bit by myself. So the situation is this, Me and my dad we opened a company in panama, he is a panamanian citizen by naturalization . I am not. I currently...
  6. P

    Where to incorporate and open a bank account?

    Hello everyone! I'm a full-time crypto trader with a team, some solid connections, and capital to invest. I already have some clients lined up for this business. We want to offer a service where we purchase any amount of any of the top 10 volume cryptocurrency coins. The website will be very...
  7. M

    Offshore Belize IBC + LeuPay

    Hello. i want to open Belize IBC and have LeuPay as corporate bank account. I saw on their site that they report to authorities sice last year. But I also saw that they report only company if you make more than 50% of revenue from services you provide. Doeas anyone have any experience with this...
  8. P

    Urgent: need advice on setting up a bank account in Singapore

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I'm a full time crypto trader. I know it's a bit short notice but I would really appreciate any help. From Monday I will be in Singapore for 3 days. I need to open a non-resident bank account and I will have all the documents with me: tax statements, bank statements...
  9. W

    leave money to corporate bank account

    What are the risks to leave all the money to the corporate bank account of a seychelles or belize company for many years?
  10. S

    UK Business Bank Account for Non Resident Director

    Hello Everyone, I am pretty new to this forum. And I do need some suggestion regarding opening up a business bank account in the UK. So I have registered a Business in the UK a few months back. Not anonymous, no nominee director/shareholder. And I am having a very hard time to open a bank...
  11. Luigi

    Low budget bank account

    Everybody knows that the best banks are in Switzerland (except for American citizens), however they require a huge amount of money for opening a bank account. My question is: which banks (if any) are acceptable for low budget (less than 5000 USD)? What are their disadvantage respect high budget...
  12. itinventor

    Where I can open bank account remotely for Scotland LP

    Hello moneymakers, Maybe someone knows where is still possible to open bank account remotely for Scotland LP. Previously I have worked with Czech banks(CS, FIO), but now they are do not work with offshore companies. So I am ready to pay for remote bank account opening for my companies. I...
  13. Tyler Durden

    Nominee directors and account opening

    Hi there I have a question regarding nominee directors for offshore companies. Does using a nominee director make it easier to open a bank account? As an example, if I register a Seychelles IBC and have a nominee director and I wish to open a bank account in Cyprus, will the nominee director...
  14. NoMoreTaxes

    Is Belize still a good place to form an online business?

    Hello, this is my first post. I scanned through the forum, but didnt find anything that fully answers my question. My plan is to open an online business in Belize, and move to Panama. I decided for Belize as accounting isnt mandatory, corp taxes are 0% and I can run the company anonymously...
  15. tonyW

    offshore company formation and bank account question!

    Hi, First of all thank you for this wonderful forum. I'm Tony from Germany and I'm around since 4 months reading all the stuff I can find about offshore company formation and bank account opening for my business. I'm into online marketing like a few others around here and not depending on any...
  16. aage

    Any info about igobanking.com ?

    I was wondering if someone has information about this bank www.igobanking.com ? It's a straight forward process to apply for an account there.
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