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  1. T

    Traditional Bank for Crypto User

    Greetings all, I was desperately searching for a good and stable traditional bank account that I could use as a cash deposit. I've seen that EMIs lock users out of their platforms too often and I needed insurance on the money. The money comes from crypto but it's 100% clean. What would you...
  2. JohnLocke

    Underallocated Overhead Occurs When Least Expected – Here Is What You Need to Know

    Accounting, financing, investing… All these things have many concepts in common, and while many principles make common sense, some others require a bit of education. For example, most people have no clue that underallocated overhead occurs when you spend more than what you plan. In theory, the...
  3. bizman

    Western Union cash to bank transfer

    Will they accept your 7000 euro and pay them to any account of your choice? Say I need to send someone in the Netherlands 7000 to his bank account, I only have them in cash and can't go there, would I be able to send them with western union to his bank account?
  4. Panther

    Question IRAN - How to get money and crypto out of the country?

    does anyone have a solution for that?
  5. JohnLocke

    How To Double A Penny For 30 Days – Classic Wisdom In A Modern World

    A penny a day will work wonders on the way. This is not really a saying, but you might have heard of ideas on how to double a penny for 30 days. Where is the catch in all that? It sounds easy at first, but wait until the sum goes high. Double a penny a day and you will come up with a pound...
  6. JohnLocke

    How to Protect Your Retirement Money With an Offshore IRA LLC

    While saving for retirement is the norm, the truth is more and more people turn to diversify their assets in order to avoid depending on the government. After all, by the retirement age, there is not much you can do to get back on track, so you truly depend on a bunch of rich individuals. If...
  7. JohnLocke

    Have A Dream Of Being a Multimillionaire? Start With These Eight Tips

    When I cracked six figures for the first time, I was merely in my late twenties. However, it still feels like it was yesterday; things happened too fast for me. I still sometimes get goosebumps when I think of what a roller coaster ride it has been for me. During the initial days of my journey...
  8. JohnLocke

    The Origin of Flying Money & What It Means for Today’s Society

    If you think about it for a second, paper money holds incredible value without being something valuable – nothing but actual paper. The idea is definitely exciting, but also hard to believe how it came to life in a world where people had access to more valuable things. Paper currency is...
  9. JohnLocke

    Own Nothing, but Control Everything – A Concept That Can Change Your Life

    John D. Rockefeller made an important statement once – Own nothing, but control everything. Coming from someone with incredible wealth, this aspect has been thoroughly analyzed overtime and has become a top rule for handling money. What he meant is fairly simple to understand. If you do not own...
  10. W

    The money held in the Dukascopy card disappeared

    Today the money held in the Dukascopy card, which was suspended about 1 week ago, dissapeared and now the balance of my Dukascopy card is Zero. I contacted them but still now they have not replied to me. Anyone else had the same experience?
  11. Y

    How to properly remit profits from UK LLP as an employee

    Hello everyone. After joining this forum I've found that forming a UK LLP for trading is a better option for me in every manner. But I've a few concerns regarding remitting profits earned to my home country. The only way that came into my mind was to remit the profits as salary from the business...
  12. J

    Offshore company

    So I have a question let’s say I have a online business that roughly makes 50.000$ Profit a month and I really don’t like how high the tax is where am from. Could I register my online business in example Panama where you don’t have to pay tax and send it to a offshore account. And would this be...
  13. J

    Non official business money

    Let’s say I earn 50.000$ from a non official business like something I do in my free time could be anything. And I would like to deposit that money into the bank with low tax how would you do that?
  14. C

    Cash to Legimate company cashout ?

    Hi. Lets say I have 25K in cash and i want to make it legimate would this work? I open a company/bank acc offshore and start a website that sells virtual items from games like call of duty or similar through my website , The website will just act as a decoy as I will be purchasing virtual...
  15. tacokai

    Now it is official the PayPal Money Generator is available!

    You ever whished you could press 100 dollar bills with a click on a button? Now you can!!!!!! Don't wait any longer or toooooo long, the PayPal Money Generator is available right now, you simply enter your e-mail, password and the amount you want to load your PayPal account with, BANG You...
  16. O

    How can I posts ads in my website?

    Hi, I have a website about online courses. It is a menbership site and you can get access to by paying 10e, it is not working very well, this is why, I want to put ads and get revenue from the traffic
  17. K

    Please urgent advice needed - US LLC NM - FR

    Dear Forum, I really need advice here as i started to be really under pressure by time: Business : Website selling enrollment fees to sell Sports forecast/odds/advice, The website is under construction and will be in .com Customers: EU Steps : Here the troubles come, i'm a French National...
  18. D

    Online business, web product, offshore solution

    Hi, I am a freelancer in the field of web developers, I have developed web software for (real estate companies), especially a good broker tool. I live in Republic of Moldova, I thought to open the company here, but the taxes are high. So I do not have to do that. I was thinking about offshore...
  19. G

    Epayments or Webmoney

    Hi, did anyone ever used one of them as an exchanger, i need to transfer money from an affiliate network to one of them and then to bitcoin ? Any infos if the work with darks?
  20. Belsju

    I Need Help: how to start trading bitcoins with 500 us dollars

    I am familiar with using bitcoin wallets . Now decided to start trading bitcoins online and I have 500 us dollars to start the trade. I do not know how to go about it. I want to know the procedure to starting my own bitcoin trading and effectively. Anyone coukd help me provide info. Also will...