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  1. Martin Everson

    US uranium imports from Russia more than double

    US uranium imports from Russia more than double https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/us-uranium-imports-from-russia-more-than-double-in-6m23/ar-AA1gaSiy What a hypocritical world we live in :confused:. I wonder if US is paying Russia in USD or RUB for the Uranium..lol. ----- quote start US...
  2. Martin Everson

    Russia got richer while the West shed trillions of dollars of wealth

    This is gonna be upsetting to some so please read with caution if you are easily offended by reality. Expect U.S to retaliate against UBS somehow for daring to tell it as it is smi(&%. P.S The largest wealth increases were recorded for Russia, Mexico, India and Brazil. ---- quote start...
  3. Don

    Russian Residence by Investment

    Let's take a moment and disregard political nuances and compare Russian Permanent Residency by Investment with other RCBI schemes. How does it stand out? ✅ Swift retrieval of investment. Investors, be they in shares or property, have no obligation to maintain ownership of the asset after the...
  4. S

    Setup to work with Russia/Israel/EU

    Hello, I am Israeli citizen and I am looking for some stable setup for the trading business in euro/USD/yuan between Russia, EU, Israel, etc. I have the Scotland LP with the bank account in Russia but since 24.02.2022 it isn't workable anymore - I can't transfer any assets outside of Russia. So...
  5. FantomOffshore

    Documents from the "Vulkan" leak about Russian cyber-warfare capabilities for those interested.

    I missed this leak dubbed "Vulkan" detailing Russian cyber-warfare capabilities but today stumbled upon the source files, the actual files can be found here with an English translation for those who don't know Russian. Recommended reading for a laugh is page 306 of the Amezit document. Enjoy!
  6. DavidS

    [2023] Best jurisdiction for IT company & bank account with 2 RU shareholders and 1 EU shareholder?

    Need to find a solid, preferably relatively neutral jurisdiction for IT company with 2 RU shareholders and 1 EU shareholder. Armenia, Kazakhstan, which others? How complex will it be to get a bank account for said company?
  7. AlphaOmega888

    Question Sending funds to a no-no country (Russia) from EU

    Hi everyone. I built a small company with my husband back in 2018 in Russia, a workshop that sells medieval armour worldwide (I'm EU citizen, he's Russian). Before 2022, we had been using direct ATM cash withdrawals or SWIFT transfers to get the funds from EU to RU. As the world split since...
  8. G

    Chinese Yuan banking in Russia

    A lot of members here including MA have mentioned banking, storing wealth in Yuan, having access to the CIPs system. As of today, Moscow becomes No.4 offshore trading centre for yuan lagging only Hong Kong, Britain and Singapore...
  9. M

    Question Incoming SWIFT Transfers from Russia for EU-based business?

    Hello Guys! First of all, a big thank you to this forum for so much information, which is not available anywhere else. Anyway, here's my problem. I have a business based in the EU (Scandinavia) and we are doing trade actively with Russia and CIS countries + Georgia. Most of our money comes...
  10. Martin Everson

    Russia and China announce new reserve currency

    Russia and China are brewing up a challenge to dollar dominance by creating a new reserve currency https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/currencies/dollar-dominance-russia-china-rouble-yuan-brics-reserve-currency-imf-2022-6 ------- quote start Russia is ready to develop a new global...
  11. 5K1PP3R

    Wise wants non Russian ID to maintain business account

    I managed to convince Wisе to change my address to Cyprus using utility bill but despite that they promised to keep my business account active, they suspended it and now saying that Can I buy some driving license and send it to them? This is getting ridiqulous.
  12. Martin Everson

    Russian Bank Bypass sanctions and dollar to pay bondholders in Rubles

    This raises some interesting questions such as: 1. Will bon holders want to be paid in RUB? 2. Will bondholders be able to open an account directly in Russia to receive interest on their investments in RUB outside SWIFT? 3. Could this mean tax avoidance for American investors is possible now...
  13. Martin Everson

    U.S. suspends tax information exchange with Russian authorities

    Can we expect the Europeans to follow? Could we see an end to CRS Reporting with Russia in addition to DTA's suspended...smi(&%? https://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/topstories/exclusive-us-suspends-tax-information-exchange-with-russian-authorities/ar-AAVSTL7 ---- quote start WASHINGTON (Reuters)...
  14. Martin Everson

    Firms must choose between Russia and West, says US

    Hummm...now this is an interesting threat to make to businesses and specifically this part ca#"!: "The US politician said it was clear that the US dollar, euro and pound were the backbone of the global financial system and anyone wanting to work in those currencies had to "participate in our...
  15. uplana

    Russian billionaires lose $80 billion in wealth

    Anyone notice this https://www.cnbc.com/2022/03/03/russian-billionaires-lose-over-80-billion-in-wealth.html
  16. Simon4466

    Russian exporters ordered to convert most foreign currency to rubles

    https://www.rt.com/business/550825-russian-exporters-convert-foreign-currency/ Very interested to see how this will unfold, especially as some EMIs apparently have halted the conversion to Rubles (according to some posts on this forum).
  17. bastard

    AdvCash and Russian sactions?

    How badly will AdvCash be hit by the Russian sactions? I didn't see any discussion about it as of yet. They are located in Russia and for that reason they may not be able to conduct their business as usual or how are they dealing with it? Maybe @ADV can help calrify?
  18. pesto

    Paysera suspend monetary transactions with Russia!

    Dear Client, We would like to inform you and all other clients of ours that Paysera stands in solidarity with Ukraine and in response to Russian aggression in Ukraine has decided to apply restrictions that will affect monetary transactions with Russia, as well as accounts held by Russian...
  19. troubled soul

    Vladimir Putin sees value in cryptocurrencies

    https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/currencies/vladimir-putin-cryptocurrencies-oil-trade-bitcoin-mining-russia-ditch-dollar-2021-10 Vladimir Putin sees value in cryptocurrencies
  20. L

    Bank account Dubai/Malta/Russia

    Hello, I want to incorporate an entity (IP friendly if possible) to receive royalties from Dubai, Russia, Panama and Barbados. I am not sure which jurisdictions will be more willing to accept funds from these countries ? I have read that Dubai could be flexible but I am not sure if all these...