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Bitsafe stole my money, please I need help on how to report them to the Financial Authorities

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Are you st
Hi I have got my money back but I was in so much trouble because of this they not response email I am from Nepal now stuck in India now I get money and can go back to my country.are u from europe? You can contact lawyer there how to contact from here I am asking for in future if something will happen like this I pray to the god no one suffer this who has honest money.
Such a painful experience I got.the main problem is they do not response and it is the most painful
Are you still using bitsafe do you know any bank which can open from outside europe and crypto friendly


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Hello Guys
I am still having a problem getting my money from my Bitsafe Talent account

Its now 3 weeks since Bitsafe closed my account with no reason

First, I opened a personal account with Bitsafe for my savings in February this year.

My account was approved and there was no problem

Then in March, I sent about 2000 Euros to my Bitsafe account and there was no problem

Then 3 weeks ago, I have an urgent need to transfer about 1500 Euros to my family and BAAM, the problem started

Bitsafe immediately blocked my account which they didn't block when I made a deposit

I contacted Bitsafe, it took them a week to reply message and then talked one nonsense about not comfortable with me having an account with them anymore and didn't give any specific reason why my account was blocked

I replied, ok no problem, thank you for your services, so when are you sending my 2000 Euros back to me since you don't want me to have any account with you anymore. This they didn't reply

It has been 3 weeks now since I have been sending emails to them. I have sent up to 10 emails to them asking them to send me back my 2000 Euros and they have refused to reply me

I later read on Trustpilot that Bitsafe is a fraud and they have been stealing peoples money

I dont want them to steal my money. For 3 weeks they have refused to reply me emails and refused to send me back my 2000 Euros. I have never seen this type of thing in my whole life

From the way they are behaving, it seems they want to steal my money. This is robbery of my hard earned money

Please I need help and advice from any of you that has had this type of experience from Bitsafe. How did you get your money back?

I also want to report them to the financial authorities so they can compel them to pay me back my money, please to which authority should I report them and how should I do it


after all these months, how far did you come in this case? I mean, did they pay out the money or part of it, did you had any live sign from them?
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