Can we take the topic once again, sorry - where to relocate to for almost no tax?

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I regret many times that I bring this topic up again. My problem is that I have been researching for years if there is a good place to move to and where the weather is good most of the time, there is a good infrastructure and it is easy to get to and from to different destinations in Europe. The point is then the tax, it should be easy to get away with a low tax.

From all the countries I have studied, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Cyprus, Romania and Malta, all countries have something that does not quite fit together for me and my plans.

As a general rule, it is the country which is underdeveloped or which still does not provide a tax advantage.

My goal is to come down to a tax rate of 5% for personal income without having to pay 40% for health insurance, and other government subsidies.

I suppose I ask or search for the impossible?


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gush... now again... it's about your personal feelings, personal requirements and personal view of your surroundings.

Personally, Switzerland and Luxembourg sounds to fulfil all what you are looking for. Maybe your problem is that they don't want you there?


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Maybe Monaco? The usual recommendation is to be good for at least 10 million EUR but you can make do with one million if your income allows you to keep up with the costs of living there.

Have you looked at Andorra? Three hours away from big airports in Barcelona and Toulouse.

Ireland has a non-domicile tax system which isn't quite as generous as Malta and Cyprus but maybe worth looking into.

UAE is well connected by air to much of Europe but the flights are long. So it depends on your definition of easy to get to and from Europe. Qatar is similar but less established than UAE.

If you want the true survivor life and want to be as far away from your in-laws in Europe as possible, there's Pitcairn Islands. Zero taxes, desperate for new residents, and tropical climate. Unfortunately not exactly developed, since you need to build your own house — by hand. ;)

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You are looking for the perfect place, but there is no perfect place. There are always trade-offs.

I would suggest that you raise your expectations to paying 10%-15% in taxes, which is reasonable, and make your top priority as living in a country where you will be happy and content. That is a condition that money cannot buy if you live in a country that is a poor fit for your personality and temperament.


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I agree with the comments from the others. It's not all about taxes and money, you want to look into surroundings and other stuff. Can you get away with a 10 - 15% tax in total I would be happy.

Any idea what countries would offer that, taking into considerations his other points?


It will never be too much, we will never get a final conclusion. Every time such threads are started they make sense.


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The present tax regime allows the incorporation of new entities in the IBC of Madeira until the end of 2023, granting significantly reduced corporate tax rates until the end of 2027.


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The present tax regime allows the incorporation of new entities in the IBC of Madeira until the end of 2023, granting significantly reduced corporate tax rates until the end of 2027.
That is only for a limited of time. Maybe be good if you plan to stay no longer than 4 years!