Country recommendation offshore for company formation


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I'm setting up an offshore company, and I was hoping you could give me your opinion as in which is the best offshore jurisdictions for my case.

The company is online games related. Privacy/anonymity is not an issue. No corporate taxes is a must. I value simplicity (no taxes filling or paperwork) and hopefully a jurisdiction that makes it easy to open a bank account.

Until now I was thinking BVI, but after reading the forum and all the wisdom here shared, I though that I better ask you guys.



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BVI is good but why not use a simple Belize company for no accounting and no corporate tax? you can tax money when you bring it home.
You are right, after spending several hours reading the forum, I don't see any reason why BVI would be a better option than Belize, or Seychelles. Only reason would be if any of them makes it easier to get a bank account, but I haven't found specifics about this.


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Some say it could be easier to get a bank account for a BVI company compared to a Belize or Seychelles company because accounting will be required in the BVI corp. and it is part of the EU (so far).

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