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Cyprus Bank Account with IBAN number and Internet Banking.

Cyprus Bank Accounts are easy to open and a very comfortable way to become a offshore bank account which full films your need for your Cyprus Company if any. With a Cyprus Bank Account which you only can open through an official introducer for the Major Cyprus Banks you are able to send and receive international wire transfers.

What can I do with my Cyprus Bank Account and where to open it?

- Cyprus Bank Account comes with advanced Internet Banking.

- Your Cyprus Bank Account have a IBAN account number

- The Cyprus Bank Account can have a multi currency account

You can open your Cyprus Bank Account with any introducer in Cyprus, of course there are difference in the services offered by each offshore / Cyprus agency service. However, we have specialized in the opening of Cyprus bank Accounts with the major banks in Cyprus.

There is almost no different whether you open the bank account with one or another bank in Cyprus the banks we work with have all Internet Banking and you can have your bank account hold in multi currency.
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