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FOR SALE Giving Away Panamanian SRL Shelf Company: Divinity Corp. (Incorporated June 2023) + Contribution to Legal Fees


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Aug 28, 2023
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Hello OffshoreCorpTalk Community,

I have an update regarding the sale of my Panamanian SRL, Divinity Corp. After considering the costs and logistics, I have decided to offer the company for free, along with a contribution to the legal fees for transferring the company. This change is because giving away the company is more feasible for me than dissolving it.

Updated Offer:
  • Divinity Corp. will be given away to an interested party.
  • I will contribute a portion of the legal fees associated with transferring the company.
Key Details:
  • Incorporation Date: June 2023 (Approximately 5 months old)
  • Status: Shelf company, in pristine condition. Never traded, and has no assets, licenses, or sales.
  • Standing: The company is in good standing with no liabilities, registered properly to all relevant Panamanian authorities.
  • Company Name: Divinity Corp. - a neutral to positive name without any specific connotation or tangible meaning.
Transfer Details:
  • The buyer will need to provide new director(s)/shareholder(s) as per their requirements. There are no nominee directors currently on board.
  • The transfer cost is set at $820 by the RA.
  • The transfer process includes standard KYC requirements, and the annual renewal fee with the current Registering Agent (RA) is $1,259. If you have your own RA, both the transfer cost and renewal fee might change.
I've recently acquired a marketplace seller status here and assure all potential recipients of the authenticity and clarity of this offer. This is a unique opportunity for someone looking for a ready-to-use Panamanian entity without the typical setup wait times or initial costs.

  • If you are interested in this offer, please post your interest below and how much you are willing to pay towards the legal fees of changing owner. If somebody's offer makes sense for me financially, I will consider it.
Best regards,
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You should mention how much the legal fees are and how much you are willing to pay from this amount!
With the current RA, the fee structure for transferring ownership is as follows:
  • Add new director: USD 320
  • Add new shareholder: USD 100
  • Add new UBO: USD 100
  • Remove current director: USD 100
  • Remove current shareholder: USD 100
  • Remove current UBO: USD 100

    Total: USD 820
These are just legal fees, and ability to put forward a different RA may significantly reduce this cost.

I will contribute the remainder to the highest bidder. State your interest and how much you will be willing to contribute. The highest bid, subject to me not making a loss vs dissolving, will win this bid.
Just something i see Panama Offshore Company Formation | Business Setup Worldwide

Never heard of that before.

Am interested in the company though... would be handy.
ChatGPT has a good answer:

Migration of Domicile" in the context of a Panama Offshore Company refers to the ability of the company to change its jurisdiction of registration from one country to another. This means that a company originally incorporated in Panama can transfer its registration to a different country without needing to dissolve in Panama and re-incorporate in the new jurisdiction.

This feature is particularly valuable for several reasons:
  1. Flexibility: It allows for greater flexibility in corporate structuring and planning. If the legal, economic, or political situation changes in one jurisdiction, the company can move to another jurisdiction that offers more favorable conditions.
  2. Continuity: Migration of domicile enables a business to maintain its corporate identity and history. This continuity can be important for branding, corporate relationships, and credit history.
  3. Cost and Time Efficiency: It avoids the time, expense, and complexity of dissolving in one jurisdiction and re-incorporating in another. This can be a significant advantage, especially for businesses that need to rapidly adapt to changing international regulations or market conditions.
  4. Strategic Planning: Companies may migrate domicile as part of their strategic planning, such as for tax optimization, to benefit from better regulatory environments, or to align with business operations that may have shifted geographically.
In the context of Panama, a jurisdiction known for its favorable offshore company conditions, the ability to migrate domicile adds an extra layer of adaptability for businesses seeking the benefits of offshore incorporation.
I see that you're using the services from CL REGISTERED AGENTS for this specific company, have you had any issues with them? Are they quick to solve any inquiry?
I deal directly with the team at bbcincorp, who liaise with lawyers in Panama. They're quite responsive, the only issue is the time zone difference. BBCIncorp operate in HK, but if you ask for a direct link to the lawyers that might work out. Alternatively you can change your RA to another law firm.

They are quick to solve my inquiries yeah, and I've had them hop on calls to discuss stuff before if I need.

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