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How to create an sms payment company for dumnies

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I was just wondering if you have been using google to make some research on this topic as well ?

One important step to be clear of is that you will see a major difference in the payment gateway companies in what they process, for instant a payment gateway who process credit cards and ACH is different from a SMS payment gateway and has different requirements.

If you are into only developing a SMS payment gateway you will need to explore the requirements with the major SMS payment gateways like Ericsson IPX Mobile Payment System - Internet Payment eXchange - Ericsson or OpenMarket – Mobile Transaction Network – Mobile Billing – Premium SMS in order to come to an arrangement with them.

If you are into a credit card processing payment gateway I would highly recommend you to have a look at the PCI DSS Level Visa/ MC regulations which kills most ideas to start such a business, you will need plenty of money, staff and knowledge to start such a business, I would also not recommend doing this since you are here asking this question (which is okay no offend) it seems you are not acknowledging what it is you are entering.
Thank you and I would say you're quite right. I know a little about credit card processing payment gateway but nothing about sms payment gateways. In fact, I'm a web developer and I created an encyclopedia especially for the universities of my country(south Africa) accessible after getting a code by sms payment and since many of the sms gateway companies don't offer their services for this part of the world, I was wondering if it was possible to set-up such a company there. I'm also planing to ask the phone companies there if they could not find a solution but at the same time I thought it would be rewarding to set-up a company especially for my country and allow other businesses already present there to register and sell contents online. What do you think about that?

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