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How to make website owner intractable?


New member
Let say want to run website (production) totally anonymous.

1) Buy domain name with registrar provide Bitcoin payment + Activate private whois

2) Hosting domain with host company accept same crypto + Should add CF.

3) Always use VPN/brave when i log in to website/host/ back office

If someone can complete the list will warm welcome . clow#¤%clow#¤%clow#¤%clow#¤%clow#¤%clow#¤%

John Morris

New member
I'd use Njalla to register the domain. In regards to hosting itself, you need to know who your enemies are and what kind of tools and method they might use against you. If you want full security, I'd form a Nevis or Belize company, obtain my own IPv4 space and set up a network with multiple PoPs. This way you can avoid going through a third party and also protect yourself against DDoS to some extent.


New member
I'd use Njalla to register the domain == Tks for info

I'd form a Nevis or Belize company = Nevis or belize for show at website front office or registered hosting? In hosting side it's should run with fake info?


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OP you summed it all up. There is not much to add to the list beside the fact that you will have to verify an account at some point to get the money out.


New member
Depending on what you're doing, much of this may be unnecessary. You can just buy a prepaid mastercard from a supermarket with cash, and use it to buy hosting from a regular hosting provider with a fake name. If the hosting is in a different country from the people you are pissing off, then most of the time they won't bother or can't fight it, or it's prohibitively expensive.

Lots of websites selling minor illegal drugs like anabolic steroids, viagra, etc. through a plain website.
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