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I'm something you don't see too often - An SEO with nothing to sell you! ;)


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Seriously... I'm not selling anything ;)

I've been a technical SEO for around 15 years, working for real mix over the years of small, single-location businesses and large, international multilingual sites. From ecommerce through to B2B sites and small one-person band businesses...

BUT... I'm NOT here to sell. SEO is what I do for my 'day job', and I'm relatively well paid for it, so I'm not here pitching for work and I'm not really accepting clients anyway, as I have enough work to do as it is.

Plus believe it or not, I do like to get away from behind a damn keyboard & screen sometimes ya know!!! Nope, not selling, not pitching and not looking for clients. Instead, I'm here to LEARN about offshore, anonymity, and things like anonymous cashing-out of crypto etc etc. WHY??? Because I've spent several years doing digital and it's what I know... I'm 'advancing in years' we could say (at a seemingly increasing rate, too! Crazy how much faster the years go by now!) - Anyway, whilst I still do SEO for my legit 'day job' and will continue to do so as it's a decent earner, I'll likely be setting up a few digital assets of my own as my 'unofficial retirement plan'...

... I know how to handle the digital side of things (including anonymity online, secure VPNs without logs, TOR, etc etc), but my knowledge base around getting access to physical, tangible assets from digital wealth (so, cashing-out crypto, virtual banks -> real world 'cashish' etc etc) is somewhat limited, which is why I'm here to learn more. In fact, even on the digital side, virtual currency, virtual banks etc isn't something I've strayed into much! I've more been focused on technical SEO etc.

HOWEVER, I does like me a good rant about SEO, and I see a lot of shit-talk about the subject all over the web. Sometimes (read: Too fecking often!) I have to bite my virtual tongue, as when you've worked online for a while, and are in known circles, it's easy to offend fragile industry egos... equally it doesn't always pay to publically out some bullshit that the likes of Google themselves spout!... Sooooooo, whilst I've no intention or interest in doing paid SEO work here, I'd be happy to shoot the breeze with any other friendly SEO co-conspirators that are lurking around here, and also answer a few SEO related questions, bust a few SEO myths (of which there are plenty), and just give honest, unbiased advice (unbiased from the standpoint of I'm an SEO that's not here to fucking sell anything for once, and as my identity is somewhat protected so I can speak my mind more!!!).

This is my way, I guess, of contributing a bit to the forums ;) Though, I am here to learn most of all, so I won't likely be going into in-depth guides or that shizzle... Specific/direct questions though, I'm happy to answer to the best of my ability ;)

Anyways, that's me! In guess the TL:DR version is this:

- Very experienced SEO (not perfect, not some sort of fecking 'guru', but 15 years or so with SEO & digital marketing as my sole income, for clients large & small)
- DON'T NEED (OR WANT, TO BE HONEST) any more clients, thanks anyway! (I'm not paid 'amazingly' well, but do command a decent three-figure hourly rate as a minimum in my 'legit' world, which isn't anything to shout about... but I can get by on ;) ).
- Here to learn about cashing-out crypto, brushing up on some (but limited!) knowledge of virtual banking/cash, but more the migration of digital wealth, anonimously, to physical assets
- Reason for the above is I'll soon be launching a few digital assets of my own as part of my 'retirement plan' - And want to know how to cash-out periodically, without revealing my ID to ANYONE (read: Prefer NOT to show legit ID to anyone, even 3rd party anonymity agents! Not sure how easy this will be, but happy to put in some 'legwork').
- Also happy to answer (preferably specific!) SEO questions.
- Will try not to swear too much (is swearing against the rules??? If it is, I'll try harder!).

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