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My name is Rayane i 'm new to this forum, it been 5 months that i'm looking for a payment gateways for my company,the problem is that i live in France and i'm french.
I have :
-EIN number
-LLC in florida
-ITIN number-
-US buisness bank account

It's not dropshipping, my products are stocked in a US warehouse fullfillment center , and it's destined to american customers.

My case is special because I had not the right requirements( mail, phone customer service,mailing adress) on my website when i made the stripe account so they refuse me, and for paypal , i had no SSN or ITIN so they freeze my account,
2 days ago, i created a new LLC in Wyoming with a new bank account to retry Stripe and Pyapal, because they said they can't accept my old EIN from my old company, so i had to create a new one.But now , i have all the requirements, so do you think that the fact that i live in France can be a problem ? Even if i have a ITIN number ?
If they don't accept me this time, do you think i can find a payment gateway ? Maybe somebody know a good one ?

Thank you , i put all that i had in my project , i don't want to give up really ...


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Can i kindly ask you the bank where you opened a bank account, i am actually searching but find out only Mercury


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Hello my friend, The bank of my company is in miami boynton beach, this is Nat bank and for the second company i don't know yet


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Okas, since you only need to accept cards you could try with other gateways like 2checkout, Braintree, Skrill and a large etc. With a US LLC and paying taxes in the US (you have your products in the US) you have a lot of gateways available. One way to know which gateways you could use is checking the Shopify gateways list, is not the best way to know which one use but it lets you know which gateways are out there for US business US Payment Gateways - Online Credit Card Processing United States


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back to topic, can I setup Wyoming company and use stripe. I want to setup a new company? I'm not as us citizen like OP!
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