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Invest in Silver is anyone doing it?



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I have only seen discussions and various websites about GOLD and Crypto but never really about silver!

Silver is taxed in most countries while Gold is not, this, because Silver is used in many items, but still it is worth something.


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Silver is very cheaply priced both in real life and in the digital market, so I personally don't see any reason to invest in it.


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It looks like it's entering a bear market again .. Gold also falling like a rock today ..

This makes perfect sense! Since the FED needs to print more and more money, and the helicopter money theory is actually a reality now with these stimulus checks lol .. Yet the dollar getting stronger, and gold and silver falling ..

2+2 = bananas ..


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just for everyone's info jp morgan are holding about 150million bullions of comex silver 50% of that batch, also silver is becoming rarer than gold to mine and is much more needed on our planet not just for luxury but every day items i think we can expect to see it increase over time there is currently a silver pump on not sure if its real or just some hype but one day it might worth holding a few kilos of silver especially when its only around a grand currently.


Mentor Group Gold
Any new Silver is very hard to find these days, I am very positive to see a huge price increase in silver, that's why I am holding the physical stuff. There are a couple of services that offer storage for gold, silver and platinum.

The paper silver is not backed by the physical silver, so if you want to ever let yourself be paid out the physical from the paer silver there is a chance that if everybody does it you will not be getting your physical silver, and will make the price of the paper silver drop to 0.

Make sure to get it stored in Switzerland or any country that doesn't let your own government take the stuff away from you, just incase a war breaks out or w/e.


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If you don't hold it, you don't own it. Same as with crypto: you hold the private key you own it. So don't leave crypto on exchanges, don't have paper metal or physical stored at a bank. Possibly segregated and allocated in a Swiss no-man's land customs depot. But I'd rather organize myself some large vaults.

Look at the premium for physical silver/gold over spot. That is where you will see it happening. 27$ spot : 40$ physical.
And the silver short squeeze that is ongoing will make that go waaaayy bigger. Until it becomes unobtainium and unaffordium. Trade accordingly. I rely on for comments and sentiments in the market.
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