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Hi guys,
I am living at a Third World country where Crypto / Forex trading is illegal , I am just investing some of my locally earned salary at foreign companies at the internet that manage my fund or through copy trading , As example yieldnodes , Etoro , , darwinex , FXTM , .. etc , and some little manual trading , The Problem is that I am using Binance P2P or a visa to fund my investments easily , but I can't use it to receive my profits as I am working as a government employee and our local bank accounts are extra monitored for any large deposits .

Although receiving profits from these companies should be legal at my country as these companies are not registered here and I can _ if I want _ to transfer crypto from binance wallet to my TransferWise Euro bank account and receive it to my local bank account as EURO or USD which is a legal Currency here , But the problem is that here there is no actual Law , if you are so rich you can kill and get innocence , I mean the only law is the law of wealth , power and generals (the country is ruled by the law of emergency for more than 40 years now so police powers are extended , constitutional rights are suspended ) , so I can't risk even try the legal way here , as even if I could prove that my profits are legal and i am not breaking any law , I will have been fired, my salary cut, and years of pre-trial detention until proving that i am not guilty , every trader at my country at binance that receive money through Binance P2P , Establishing a local fictitious company and setting up a commercial local bank account for it and receiving funds as if these funds are local sales (Partial money laundering) , but even this is not an option for me as its first too risky for my position and secondly I am government employee and not allowed to register a company at my name .

At the future if I am succeed at making wealth , I planning to immigrate as investor to a first or second world country or at least getting a second citizenship ( I think it will be turkey as it is the cheapest ) , But for now only way will be keeping my money at foreign online banks or exchanges that provide a pre paid visa delivered to my country , so i can have access to my funds using POS or ATMs which are not monitored if i am using a foreign visa , the problem is that the only bank that can deliver a visa to my country is Payoneer , which will block my account if my source of funds are crypto , so it is not an option .

I am really impressed with Binnace and TransferWise visa , but they are not available here , I know you can get the TransferWise visa ( may be also Binnace visa) if you have a company registered at a supported country using a business account , I know this information from people at my country who are doing amazon UK FBA but they pay so much taxes as they have UK clients , so the question what if I register a company at Europe/UK as example , will i have to pay taxes for my profits at these kind of investment ? and is there a company type that I can register for this purpose so I can avoid large taxes legally as I dont sell any thing I just make investments are receive profits ?

This is my first post at this lovely forum , and I am sorry for my bad english and this so long Problem :D
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