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Jurisdictions most suitable for asset protection and anonymity


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Dec 21, 2021
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I'm based in Spain and I need protection from the government and anonymity and I have read about a combinations of Nevis LLC with a combination with a trust of the Cook Island, or even the United States, what is the best combination? and how I finance the transaction to create this setup anonymously?
I have read before that a Seychelles IBC with nominee directors and shareholders owned by a Belize discretionary trust, also using nominees could be a solution. I think the only way this works is if you're not listed as a beneficiary in the trust, but can be added later.

Can be done in reverse too.. Belize IBC owned by Seychelles foundation.

A financing solution could be to open a bank acc in a non CRS compliant country, such as Georgia. You can send funds to the bank in Georgia, then pay for the services from there. I don't know anything about banking in Seychelles or Belize or other offshore jurisdictions though.

Just info I read online though, so do your own research.
IMHO it would be more challenging to get banking for Nevis LLC. One possible combination is Nevis LLC + US LLC though
It's normal to use a Nevis LLC with banking in another country. Cayman islands banks will accept a Nevis LLC.

A good structure is to hold your Nevis LLC within a Cook Island Trust and then get a bank account in Cayman Islands or Belize. This is the highest level of privacy.