Merchant Account for an Seychelles Company.

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James Spader

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I don't know of any payment processor which accept Seychelles companies, but I would recommend you to look into some 3rd party payment processor, those whoc not issue a direct merchant account but let you process on an existing account together with other merchants.

The downside of using a 3rd party credit card processor is that if one is doing something wrong (selling stuff which isn't allowed) it will take down the others processing on that account too. Also often such payment processors have a long payout interval and high holdback/reserve about 10 to 15%.

The ups are that it is very fast to get started, no need for a loong approval often it only take a few 2 days or even hours, you can build up a good processing history before you apply for a merchant account directly with bank, if you find any.

Be carefully with your choice of 3rd party payment processors, a search on google, this forum and other forums will often reveal information which is useful to avoid to end up in a mess or even scam, many 3rd party processors have been there and gone, when they are gone, they take with them alot of merchants unpaid and some even need to close there business due to that, make sure the payment processor has a good track record / references, finally cae about the payout, is it really 1 week only, or 1 week + 2 weeks delay or is it monthly are there any CAP (limit of possible processed volume), do they exchange the currency you want to process to another currency before they put the money in your account, can they handle multi currency payment processing etc.