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Hello fellow forum users, I have built something (microwallet dot co) to try to counter the massive companies that have taken over our ability to have our own independent shops. I have built a compliant US based crypto wallet (legal process was a nightmare), exchange and payment gateway that is aimed at making it easier for people to accept and receive payment in crypto. I have a payment gateway operating now free for all users. Also have a small loyalty program that users can earn from- keyword small. I do not want to be a massive money sucking machine. I have not monetized anything on my site yet (my subscriptions are just placeholders and i will adjust them according to server load- looks like free, 99 , and 399) and I have done this all at my expense. I also developed a few plugins and templates. I build a woocommerce plugin that uses microwallet payment gateway and you can just add it to any woocommerce site for free. I also developed (and bundled this up) with a wordpress simple shop site template, simple database and plugin so anyone can create a store and accept crypto for free. I was so sick of paying shopify, paypal, stripe and others huge fees for processing money from MY efforts that i just decided to go it alone. I definitely lost fiat customers but im not making much anyway so not a huge loss.

If anyone wants to know more or use my template feel free to PM me.

I am happy to post links if we are allowed here? Anyone know? Super lame we get banned for mistakes and everything else nowadays. If there is a problem with my post I am happy to correct.
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