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Open an offshore bank account as sailor (freelancer)


New member
I need an offshore bank account. I went thourgh the business conditions and fees of a few and it seams to be expensive. I dont mind to pay some money to open the bank account, I mean by expensive when you want a Visa card and use this bank account to have a normal live. Im looking for a bank account for private use, in which I can get paid as freelance sailor and then have my daily life like paying in a restaurant, rentiong a car etc.. whitout paying for every littel think 7$.
I also though about opening an offshore company, if someone has a good contact, please provide it to me, thanks
Regards Mike A.


Active Member
careful, most of those will not be happy with you being a freelancer on personal accounts. almost all i think prohibit that and while they might not kick you right away that can happen any day.

revolut business has a freelancer option and they also start from $0 if you dont need much or next tier $25 a month.

Transferwise also offers business for freelancers i think and its free. I would choose that in your situation and create lots of private accounts on transferwise, bunq, revolut, n26, monese and distribute private cash over all of them from your main business account that accepts freelancing. Also try to get two there. KYC/AML might shut it down any day without a reason.
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