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FOR SALE Panama Company for sale + local bank account


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Feb 25, 2023
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If anyone would be interested

there is a company in Panama aged about 3 years, that is fully operational, and have active bank account in Panama Bank.

The company was operating very small scale business, having local office, employee, and substance with phonelines, internet, etc., and also properly done local accounting, and also employment.

Company is in perfectly good standing and having local tax residency status in Panama.

As investor changed his plans, Company has terminated all opened contracts, settled everything properly, deregisterred from employment agency and is OPENED FOR SALE.

Can recommend a quality local corporate service.

If anyone is interested, please PM.
- Can you provide some more details?

Yes, write what is you need.

- What was the nature of business?

It was a company intended for online services (advertising&marketing) which never started its operations, other than self-administration maintenance, administrative costs. Therefore it is like a purely new company, since it never started real business activity.

- What's the price?

asking price: 1'500 USD
the buyer needs to cover:
+ notarial costs for purchase (less than 500 USD, depends on how many buyers, etc)
+ cash on the account at the moment of sale (less than 500 USD)

The price is as high as total average price for incorporating new company in Panama. The buyer save time and have opened bank account in one of the Panama's banks.
There is a chance, this bank may require a visit of a new director upon a change of account signatories for their KYC.

- What does the sale include?

The sale include - fully registerred company in a good standing with working bank account, accounting/reporting done properly by local accounting firm up to date and recommendations of a good corporate services provider, which can provide all the classic services, including registration address, bookkeeping, etc.

- Do you have only this company or more?

At the moment there is one company.
The question:

"whats is the monthly costs approx" ?

is as general as the question on "how much I will pay per month for using a car."

it all depends on the activity, number of transactions, etc.
no matter how expensive is your car, you can keep your car in the garage and pay nearly 0 OR you can drive 100'000 miles a month.

Currently all operational expenses are terminated and settled (office, phonelines, internet, employment), so the company cost is as high as the cost for any new company.

costs like accounting, depend strictly on the activity, same as payroll fees, social security, etc.
and contracts for these services will have to be "re-opened" on company's aquisition.

These are typical costs for any business activity.

Therefore the only known cost are the bank fees, which are also typical:
Balance requirement of $10'000
Monthly maintenance $150
Transaction transfer $6

as I understand your question is about commencing day-to-day activity and this is possible remotely by signing into their e-banking which has all full options possible.

if your question is about account opening, or changing signatories:
In order to check if the bank allow an owner to process this remotely, it definately needs to be checked with bank and their current approach.
Opening has taken place before covid, and many things may have changed.
I would also suggest asking directly if this could be done with telco or with local notary.

Message me in priv for bank name if you are interested.

I believe you can obtain such information easily by contacting the bank.
I am also sure that changing a person designated for the account is easier then opening an account.

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