Payment gateway for US LLC with Transferwise- Help!


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First, I apologize if this is not the right section/subsection for my question. Feel free to move it where it belongs while am still learning the ropes around the website.

I have another thread here : Business account for US LLC - ecommerce & NRA

I am finally backed into a corner before i even start my business . I live in Poland and stupidly started a US LLC as it's where i will be conducting my business. Business is a clothing brand so nothing sketchy.

The problem is i can't get a bank account in the USA (opened one which got terminated) and also i can't open a business bank account in Poland as te business need to be registered in Poland. i successfully opened a Transferwise business account after some back and forth with them but i need a payment gateway that can accept Transferwise .

I reached out to stripe since it can accept Transferwise but i was told i need a US company , US address , US bank account to get a US account and similarly the same info for a Polish account .

SO, Is there really no options you guys know of that can save me from starting from scratch with a Polish company ?



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US processors don't like to work with non-US businesses, largely because card scheme regulations prohibit processors from contracting with entities which aren't based in the country or region for which the processor is licensed. They risk very large fines if caught being non-compliant. Unless you can provide EIN, SSN, and an actual business address in the US, it's going to be very hard.

Solutions are possible but will be expensive and risky. The per transaction costs tend to be very high and there is a very high risk that the service provider disappears with your money. I've seen it happen many times.

You could try forming an EU subsidiary and get a bank/EMI account for it, which can then shop around for processors in Europe.

However, you're probably much better off just starting a local Polish company. It's going to save you a lot of headaches.


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Maybe ask stripe if they can help you out and work out a solution using their atlas service.
They have an entire package that allows the creation of a company / bank in the US.


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Close the US LLC, open a company in Poland and apply for 9% tax. First scale your business, then think about saving tax thu&¤#