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Hello community,

It's a pleasure being here! With all your respect, I would like to advertise my small business.

I own a small company that is specialized in the following:
- website design and development (Wordpress/ Joomla/ Drupal or custom made)
- website hosting (shared/ VPS or dedicated hosting) at great prices in locations around EU (for GDPR compliance)
- website administration and maintenance (no matter if you only want to upgrade your wordpress website or need a safe backup, we're always here for you)
- editing/modifying actual websites (we know is hard to dump your old website, so we can help you polish it, if possible of course)
- mobile website development (there's a lot of websites that seem to be stuck in the '90, let's make them shine again, especially on your mobile device)
- editing of banners/images (we want your website to stand out of the crowd and your images need to be pixel perfect for that)
- security audit (of course this is the most important aspect of your website, because it could destroy your business if is not properly done)
- blog creation/posts/articles (we create, edit and write a lot of blog articles, content and other stuff for our clients - SEO friendly, of course)
- SEO (yes, we also take care of SEO, because it's useless to have an amazing website if nobody knows it exists - we take you to top spots on Google)
- cryptocurrency (yes, we've done several crypto related websites, we know a lot about crypto and we trade a lot of cryptos on various exchanges)
- other stuff....a lot more.

We're open to business proposals so if you have a decent business proposal, we're all ears. Just drop us a PM and let's make business together. Best businesses is when both parties are happy !!!

Thank you for your time and attention and look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

P.S. Great community by the way! I've learned a lot since I follow this forum!

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