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Mentor Group Gold - AD Thread! Revolutionizing Offshore and Onshore Services with Shories


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Dec 10, 2023
Cayman Islands
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Hello everyone,

What is Shories?​

Shories is an upcoming project in the offshore and onshore world.

You can see our website at: Shories: New Era of Offshore and Onshore.

The idea of Shories is to modernize and renovate the offshore and onshore world by creating an online platform to ease all the various legal processes and simplify bureaucracy.

What will Shories provide?​

Privacy-focused consulting​

Shories will have multiple international and local consultants ready to answer any questions for a fixed amount of money each month, so no hidden fees.

Consultants will write via a privacy-focused chat created by Shories where everything will be encrypted. You will be able to ask an unlimited number of questions.

Your identity in the Shories chat will also be anonymous, you will not have to enter any private data, and you will be able to pay with cryptocurrencies (including XMR and Zcash).

The price of Shories chat will not increase based on the client's income, but will be the same for everyone.

Company formation and bank account opening​

There is nothing new here; all of you are already familiar with the process.

But for those who don’t, our consultants will set up a company and/or bank account for you. (Of course in some cases you will have to provide your private data, but before releasing Shories we are trying to find a solution to guarantee the confidentiality of such private data).

Relocation advice​

In some cases you may need to change residency or even change citizenship; we will help you figure out which country will be best based on your current and future needs.

Tax calculator

Shories will release the world's first completely free tax calculator. You will be able to enter your country of residence and your company's country of residence, and based on that, you will see a simplified version of the data and double tax treaties between the countries, so you can figure out where and to whom you will have to pay taxes (if any).

Of course, the tax calculator will try to keep up to date. It is intended to give you some ideas about your setup. It is not intended to be used to make final decisions or comprehensive studies, for which you will need a specialized consultant to help you.

International news​

We will have a research team that will follow daily developments in the offshore and onshore world. We will post useful information on our website to keep you informed of the latest news.

Our utopia​

  • The final solution is to have at least one consultant per country. And potentially collaborate with other high-quality agencies in the field.
  • Make the tax calculator a very useful and understandable resource for anyone and improve its customization, where you can enter exactly what your company does and the calculator will respond with information related to your specific needs.
  • Become a platform recognized for its useful international offshore and onshore news.
  • Collaborate with other related solutions in the industry. We already have some partners willing to collaborate with us as soon as we launch.
  • We will not be limited by the features in this post, our idea is to always add new features to improve our platform.

What do we have for now?​

  • We have already designed the whole platform, so we just need to develop it as soon as we validate the market.
  • We already have multiple consultants ready to come on board as soon as we launch the project.
  • We already have a research team for international news.
  • We already have the backend system for the tax calculator.

So do you like our idea?​

If you like our idea, we invite you to visit our website: Shories: New Era of Offshore and Onshore.

To validate the market, our idea is to invite people to our Telegram channel, which you can find on our website. The more people who join the channel, the more we will understand if this is something the market wants.

If you would like to give us feedback, you can send us a message to our Twitter (which you can find on the website), leave a comment here in the forum, or email us at [email protected].
This is a paid advertising thread, use this service at your own risk.

The service provided here is not provided by OffshoreCorpTalk.com but is a paid advertising (sticky thread). If you make use of this service you will use it at your own risk.
Our idea is to validate the market first. We are not spending a lot on marketing, but we want to reach some people to see if there is at least some interest. We don't need to reach thousands of users.

We are following the concepts of Shadow Testing and a modified verion of an MVO where instead of asking people for money, we simply invite them to our Telegram channel.