Where To Open An Offshore Bank Account

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    Regardless of your reasoning, having an offshore bank account can provide a myriad of benefits. However, a major challenge that you may have is in finding offshore bank accounts that can be trusted sources to hold your wealth until you need it. Finding the right place can make the difference between getting your funds back when requested and having things like severe fines, penalties, and even a loss of the funds. Let us take a moment to list a few locations where to open an offshore bank account. Listed for their safety and security as well as tract record for providing superior service, these suggestions are all good places to investigate.


    Looking For the Right Set Of Things
    If you are looking for a place to invest American capital, then you have several different options. However, those options will be limited by a series of factors that you have to consider. First, be aware that there are many offshore bank accounts that open their doors to Americans. Be also aware that many of these countries lack the stability necessary to make the decision of putting money in safe. Second, there are many very safe havens for money that have no interest in American funds. For example, some of the most popular places in the world to store funds include parts of Asia and the Middle East. They typically do not have interest in American customers because they are earning far more from local individuals or those from other countries. So, what you will need is the right combination of interest in American accounts and stability.

    1. Singapore
    Often seen as the gateway to western development of Asia and Southeast Asia, Singapore is a city state that survives off of being a commercial and business mega star. Placed far above countries with tens of thousands of square miles more of land and resources, Singapore is thriving due to their stability and orientation towards business focused individuals. The end result is a peaceful city that makes an incredible place to store wealth. As a final consideration, fees are usually low with Singapore as reflected by the government’s ‘pro-business’ stance.


    2. Belize
    A country on the eastern coast of Central America, Belize has become something of a popular destination for wealth leaving the US. Beyond an FATCA fee and monthly fee, you can store large amounts of money in banks located in this country. At the same time, Belize lacks the same refinement as say Swiss banks, and you may not always have the access you are looking for. That being said, it is still a very safe place to store your wealth.

    3. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    A series of islands located in the Caribbean, there are many banks in the country that cater to holding American capital. Offering a range of features and relatively low fees, you get selection at the cost of prompt service. Still, it is a trusted source that you can develop a relationship with and count on when needed.
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    It's not the vast majority of people that are opening bank accounts in Singapore if they are into any privacy setup. I think Singapore is a great place to incorporate your business and to open a bank account if you want to make regular business in China and Asia.
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    Maybe, but for businesses that seek tax reduction and benefits because they consult a local accountant or tax lawyer Singapore has something to offer.
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    Where to open an offshore bank account will depend on where you want to do business and what's your requirements are to the offshore bank.
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    For me the only option was Cyprus for offshore account will considering the Mauritius and Belize too for account opening but waiting until my first setup is completed.
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    Do you think I can open my own Offshore bank account in India? Any option for it?
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    Next week I will get in touch with my company service provider to get an account opened in Mauritius just to have something outside of the EU. I think it's important to have several different offshore accounts for my business to avoid any real problems if one bank decide to close the account for any reason.
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    Anyone here know if there's an offshore bank account available in Thailand? I'm confused to looking for them
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    Anyone have experience doing business in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ? What about safety and privacy level?
  10. SasxInc

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    I don't have idea about offshore banking in Thailand but experience of my friend not good having offshore company in Thailand. Privacy & security not such good:(
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    So do you have any suggestion about offshore banking in Asia? I need one that close to Thailand if possible.
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    My vote will be for Singapore. Though it is a small country but have good business environment. Stable economy and high class security.
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    Is there a chance to opening bank account in Singapore without visiting them? Or I need to go there directly?
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    You'll have to visit there personally.
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    Ah thank you for the info. What kinds of document and preparation should I bring them?
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    A great detailed post. OP was saying, many country who are popular in offshore banking, don't give interest against American funds. I wonder, is Singapore also same?
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    I think the main benefit of having an offshore account is that it cannot be traced easily.
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    I will considering to open an offshore bank account in central USA or UK. But since I don't live there I still unable to purchase them.
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    How will you do that in the USA? according to most information on the Internet you're only chance to get an account is if you know someone with an SSN and will do the account opening for you?! UK seems to require personal visit if I'm not wrong, someone knows?
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    I think you need to open an offshore bank account that suit your needs and the one where you live at.