Where To Open An Offshore Bank Account

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  1. maiden

    maiden Member

    I know someone with SSN in USA. But currently I'm not living there that's why I still haven't build my own. But I have a plan to move there after my business growing.
  2. icecold

    icecold Active Member Entrepreneur

    Do you know what it takes to open an offshore account in Belize today? I mean what documents are required and do we need personal visit?
  3. Anton

    Anton Active Member Entrepreneur

    Some people doesn't have the luxury of living in a place where their country is considered a tax haven country. That's why we still need the advice of the professionals regarding these matter.
  4. burden

    burden New Member

    Can some please list the available banks we may try to open an account with. I want to find a stable and reliable offshore bank account for our business.
  5. Jack Dui

    Jack Dui Active Member Entrepreneur

    I can recommend you Bank of Cyprus. I'm doing business with BoC. They are reliable, stable & secured.
  6. fireserve

    fireserve Super Moderator Mentor Group Sponsor

    Nice share, I'm not aware of where we can open the best offshore bank account for offshore company but I'm in the research phase.. this article has been of great help thu&¤#
  7. Brittni657

    Brittni657 New Member

    I thought opening a offshore bank account in south america and nearby islands is best place to open.
  8. vitomerchant

    vitomerchant Offshore Agent

    I think Cyprus is a great place to open an offshore account but I'm investigating Mauritius, Belize and even Cook Islands as possible next step!
  9. moneymaster

    moneymaster Member Entrepreneur

    Where you are going to open your offshore account may be depending on where your offshore company is registered and what you try to achieve. Furthermore it will be depending on your business and if you can be accepted by an offshore bank in an certain jurisdiction.
  10. GoGoldPro

    GoGoldPro Member

    I consider the Bahamas and Cyprus for bank account opening. I just need to figure out the requirements to get an account approved in the Bahamas.
  11. BelizeFinancial

    BelizeFinancial Corporate Services Business Angel

    Personally it has been working good for me with Belize, Cyprus, Bahamas and Mauritius for offshore banking!
  12. fxmaster

    fxmaster Member

    For my business the best was to go with Cyprus for the first bank account. I'm researching on Belize and Mauritius because they are the only other jurisdictions I have found so far.
  13. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    It depends on what you mean by doing business there. I have an bank account there but not doing any local business if it is what you are asking for.
  14. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    You mean while you are in India you want to open an offshore account within India or you want a remote offshore account opening in an other country? please be more specific.
  15. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    I know I read somewhere that there are banks in Singapore that don't require personal visit. I'm not sure what bank that was. Will be doing some research and get back if I find something of interest.
  16. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    Singapore is diffirent and can't be compared with the USA!
  17. myshufflemix

    myshufflemix Member

    After all the reading on this forum Belize, Cyprus and Mauritius seems to be obvious choices for offshore banking among Bahamas and Hong Kong, the latter only if you want to travel!
  18. RamsayB

    RamsayB Member Entrepreneur

    Singapore is very near in our country. I once visited Singapore and all I could say is 'wow' . Their buildings are top notch and their community is great. I believe that if ever I will go offshore, its one of the first countries I will start into.
  19. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    How about the account opening in Cook Islands or Marshall Islands? Does someone had any luck doing so?
  20. Tai Chee Ming

    Tai Chee Ming New Member

    From my understanding, there is a bank in Singapore can vet through the documents before the account is opened for offshore companies. There are a few banks in Singapore but only this bank can do a look through the situation and tell you if you can open account. Some banks are just waiting for clients to fly into Singapore, go through the process and reject the clients after all the documents were submitted. The bank that I mentioned can accept many offshore companies as well
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