Where To Open An Offshore Bank Account

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  1. redeye

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    Great share. People should be aware of that it can be useful to open more than one offshore account for their company just in case they want protection against creditors that may contact the bank to which they paid money to.

    I just had a very nasty experience!! fin4774"
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  2. auric

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    You want to elaborate?
  3. redeye

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    check your PM :)
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  4. auric

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    thanks :)
  5. hungryit

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    I read threads this is not good any longer, complicated and risky to bank in Singapore?
  6. uplana

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    How would you call a digital currency account in an offshore jurisdiction? I mean business like Xapo | Advance Cash | E-Wire | WorldCore and so on ? I would consider them more offshore than any of the current banks around that require more documents than a regular bank does!?
  7. CoinMaster

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    This guide needs an update or the thread does! We need to knoe where we can open offshore accounts that not require our whole personal live story!
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  8. DeepDrilling

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    A recommandation for all the noobs and the people that want total anonymity and privacy. You don't want to open a real bank, bank account, you want to open a digital currency account for instant with AdvanceCash, Xapo, WorldCore, LeuPay etc. they are providing the highest level of privacy now a days.

    You want to speak with @Admin or @auric for clarification, they have been of great help to me in the Mentor Group forums ;)
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  9. lostguy

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    How was it going do you get your account in Mauritius or you found other places for account opening?
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  10. lostguy

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    Thank you that is what I have been looking for, for a long time but wasn't to know that it was possible to do it!
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  11. lostguy

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    I totally agree, it is not sufficient with one account!
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  12. CoinMaster

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    Thank you I have already created accounts with most of these services! They indeed are a great alternative to real offshore banks!
  13. madskulls

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    If you want to say goodbye to your money, you can. India is a terrible place for such things.
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  14. blizz

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  15. moneymaster

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    I can only agree to this :)
    second that.. great alternative if not the best alternative to real banks!
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  16. Montecristo

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    Well, like I mentioned before. The worst bank is Al Salam bank in Seychelles. You will regret if you try.
  17. lookingforanswers

    lookingforanswers New Member

    Hi guys, which bank in Belize do you suggest? My friend had a very bad experience with AtlanticIBL so I would like to skip that one. Any others where you don't need to visit them in person?
  18. Ali1954

    Ali1954 New Member

    I have registered free zone company in UAE and wish to open offshore bank account outside UAE due to nationality excuse, which offshore bank open account for Iranian.?
  19. John Kram

    John Kram New Member

    so, Seychelles bank account or Cyprus bank account would you recommend? Thanks