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Which countries allow land trusts to buy properties?


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Jul 13, 2022
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I have been doing some reading on the privacy offered from forming a land trust and nominating an LLC as the trustee. Let's say a Canadian land trust with the trustee being an LLC in Wyoming and the Wyoming LLC owned by a New Mexico LLC to keep things as anonymous as possible.

With such a setup, which countries would allow such a setup to buy and own property?

What is everyone's opinion on such a structure?

How would one tweak this setup to advance the privacy or allow for more options? (different country to form the land trust over North America? With my example, I am just using 2 countries for jurisdiction diversity, and not having the land trust and the LLC in the states.)

Any ideas on how this structure would work, or opinions on using a land trust for privacy or even asset protection?

Some countries that allow land trusts are Mexico, Canada, Belize, the US itself, UK, Singapore, Australia...

Land trusts are pretty cool because they keep your ownership private, protect you from personal judgments, make transferring property easier, and help you avoid probate. If you pair a land trust with an LLC, you get even more protection. But, they do have some downsides like losing redemption rights, limited types of assets, and they’re not that good for liability protection.

One smart move is not naming yourself as the beneficiary of the land trust. Instead, you can set up an LLC as the beneficiary. This way, if someone sues the land trust, they can only go after what the LLC owns, not your personal stuff.

The biggest benefit of using a land trust is privacy. Your property won’t be directly linked to you in public records. So, while it offers some protection, the main advantage is keeping your ownership private.

And if you wanna go deeper and fine with FATCA, you can setup an EU or out of North America trust overseeing the other trusts (for example a Cook Island trust)

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