Which EMI for crypto trading european llc ?


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Hi, since banks seems to be overzealous and rejecting or going throught overwhelming compliance process, since I would like just to withdraw little amounts, from platform as coinbase, I would like to know what are the possibilities ?
Here is what I know already :
fire.com : only for scottish and a few countries, not all europe
bunq : only for the netherland
n26 : only for freelancers, not for LLC
revolut : seems they are blocking all transactions and not opening for crypto trader llc
transferwise : against their term to withdraw from a crypto trading platform
mistertango : scammy fees, I wanted a cheap solution for withdrawing little amount per month : 0-2500 E
banqia : their site is bugged, impossible to register
epayments : they are asking for a company website, I don't have one
local banks : refusing to open
advcash : expensive ?

I have still a possibility to use peer to peer exchange but they are charging huge fees, around 4%, I would like to be able to find either an EMI that let me directly withdraw from coinbase,

I thought about WIREX, are they providing a corporate IBAN ? How is their success rate for onboarding ?
I heard here about Gemini, that they provided a personal IBAN, so that when you withdraw from your account, it appears as if it were from a real bank account so the bank cannot refuse it, is it real for European SEPA for corporate accounts ? For example can pay your salary directly by sending from your Gemini corporate to your personnal account ?

as I need a way to be able to pay myself a salary to my personnal bank account, from a corporate bank account



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what EMIs you choosen?
Do you have more opinions(out of your list in 1st post) about other EMIs which you refused?