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  1. lory

    Kraken or AdvCash - exchange crypto to fiat?

    What is your take on this which of the two EMI's / Exchange services do you prefer if you can only choose between these?
  2. boomy

    What is better, Binance or Kraken?

    Guys I need your input, which exchange is the better Binance or Kraken if you want to trade some of the major cryptos e.g. Bitcoin, Etherium and XRP ? For me it is very easy to use kraken, I never tried Binance but heard that every Jo is using them for professional use?
  3. bastard

    How comes, Kraken takes 10 times longer than AdvCash to clear!!

    I made a transfer from BTC wallet to KRAKEN it is still pending approval after 4 hours!! I made a transfer from the same wallet to AdvCash and it cleared with 6 confirmations within 30 minutes? What the heck is kraken doing, why do they delay the transfer?
  4. LucyOffshore

    What EMIs Allow Withdrawal from Kraken or Other Major Exchanges?

    What EMIs Allow Withdrawal from Kraken or Other Major Exchanges? Thanks
  5. fuorissimo

    Offshore and bank account, to sell crypto: help me

    Hi everyone, I live in Europe. I have about $ 1 million in Litecoin, which I bought in 2014, and I don't want to get caught by the tax authorities. Initially I decided to use this scheme: (1) BVI + NOMINEE DIRECTOR (and POA)> EPB bank account> debit card I would sell the Litecoins through...
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