1. Levisto

    Are there many people interested in buying more Crypto than what they can get?

    I wonder if there would be many people around interested in getting more Crypto than what they are able or allowed to buy,? Especially for companies the demand seems high generally.
  2. Frederic9020

    I am looking for how to cash out money from Russia

    Hello! Please advice options for withdrawing money and transfers abroad from Russia. (SWIFT disabled)
  3. Martin Everson

    Capital Union, Tether’s (USDT) Reported Bank Partner

    Someone tell me this story is not true? eek¤%& I know Capital Union Bank since they started and its Union Capital Group. In fact I know someone quite well who works/worked for the group (not bank). Let me be diplomatic and not libelous and just say - I hope a leopard can change its spots and...
  4. T

    Trading Apple Store Credit for Stablecoin

    Is there anyone that trades large volumes of Apple Gift Card, Amazon Gift Cards or ebay Gift Cards for USDT. Looking to process a volume of 400,00.00 USD monthly with a 95% Conversion Rate ($100 Gift card for 95USDT).
  5. D

    Convert USDT to Rubles?

    How to convert large sum of USDT into roubles and cash out in russia? any ideas?
  6. N

    PayPal Limited For Selling on Binance

    Hello Our PayPal account (business account) got closed "due to the excessive risk involved", as they said. We've recently started selling cryptocurrency (USDT only) on Binance and they've asked for the reason for the activity change (and increase in volume.) We had ~5-6k in transfer volume in...