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Amazon Affiliate and Display Ads - Best Set Up?


New member
Hey everyone!

First, massive thanks for all the fantastic advice a lot of you have been providing on this forum. Just by reading some of the topics here I really feel I got tons of value and knowledge that I am super grateful for.

I could really do with some help because merely googling about these taxation issues gives me one heck of a headache and takes time that I would rather spend on actually thinking about the actionable steps to grow my business.

My background:

EU citizen. I haven’t lived in my home country already for more than several years. I have been bouncing mainly around SE Asia in recent years.

My source of income:

Everything comes from Affiliate and display ads on my own websites.

Mainly Amazon Associates, Adthrive etc. All 100% legit niches. Privacy is not a concern then.

I don’t earn anything from my country of citizenship or the countries where I normally spend time in (South East Asia).

I don’t have any actual clients anywhere.

My yearly revenue would be around 100K USD.

Low running costs not exceeding 20K USD, most of that goes into reinvesting into growing my affiliate sites via outscouring content creation, getting domains, links etc.)

How I get paid: Wire transfers

How I pay for services: Wire transfers + card payments. EMIs like Transferwise are fine for this.

Which solution would you recommend in 2020 for my circumstances?

I have considered the following:

  1. Bulgaria LTD - decent tax regime, inexpensive accounting, works fine with EMIs like Transferwise. But then - for my business, I really wouldn’t like to worry with a burden of any external accounting whatsoever etc. (maybe I am wrong on this one)
  2. US LLC - The simplest solution by far. Possible to open the actual remote bank account with Mercury. No need to hire anyone to do accounting. Easy regarding taking money out of the company (owner's draw). Transferwise works fine (unfortunately, they don’t provide the borderless card as of now).
    However, since it’s a disregarded entity, what I would have to worry about is the possibility of being taxed as an individual based on my current tax residency (which residency sometimes may be hard to prove since I swap locations frequently).
  3. Georgia IT Zone - 0% CIT, outside of EU, so no VAT registration requirements. So far so good. Would it be possible to set it up 100% remotely? Any possible issues with banking, reputation etc I should be wary of?

Just to make it clear - I do not want to bring my total tax liability to 0% at all costs.
I am too much of a good guy for this and in 2020 it just doesn’t seem to be worth a hassle anyway. If I had to, I would rather pay a little tax and sleep well at night knowing I paid what I had to pay, that my accounts are intact and voila. (But then of course, if it's totally legally possible in my case to bring it to 0% then sure, why not). What I want to make sure though is that I do not overcomplicate things, don’t fall into trouble with any authorities, or choose a bad (read: shady or unnecessary expensive) jurisdiction.

Thank you very much for any advice!
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