1. respect

    respect Offshore Agent Entrepreneur

    These are the best mobile banks (in my opinion), that I know of:

    - Revolut (United Kingdom)
    - N26 (Germany)
    - Bunq (Netherlands)
    - Monese (United Kingdom)
    - Paysera (Lithuania)
    - Transferwise (Germany)

    And would like to ask you if you know more of this type.

    Looking for banks with the following characteristics:

    - NO fees
    - Sign up 100% online
    - Mobile
    - Debit Card (if possible)
    - Multi-currency (if possible)
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    negon hannibal the cannibal Mentor Group Business Angel

    Nice share, thanks!
  3. bountymounty

    bountymounty Trusted Member Mentor Group Business Angel

    I didn't know about this one, will have to apply for an account.
  4. respect

    respect Offshore Agent Entrepreneur

    No prob, we are here to share! Let's see if anyone knows similar alternatives to these fintech beasts!
  5. countryfree

    countryfree Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Well, I don't want to open an account in any of those. They all share something which is deal-breaker to me.
    They are all based in the European Union!
  6. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    Add Banque Internationale A Luxembourg. A 162 year old Luxembourg bank with 23 billion in assets.


    You can download their app from appstore and open an account. You get securities trading also as a bonus.
  7. Nyep

    Nyep Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Their site says:

    To open an account through the app, you must be over 18 years old, have your main residence in Luxembourg or a bordering country (France, Belgium or Germany) and be able to justify financial or economic ties to Luxembourg (your job, your studies, etc.).
    So it's quite limited, if this is at all enforced.
  8. Milky Moon

    Milky Moon Offshore Research & Development. Business Angel

    Search Google for "sparkasse videoident" and you will get all German (and some Austrian) Sparkasse banks, where you can use VideoIdent to open an account. (some are free, some costs e5 p/m orso. The Sparkasse are some of the most trustworthy banks in the world, they cater mainly to German citizens)

    Use google chrome, with translate to find out if the sparkasse has an english desk and if they allow 'foreigners' (and if so what passports they allow).

    Other banks: Girokonto ohne Postident eröffnen 04/2018

    (DE+EU+NO+CH+IS+US) (top right choose english)(they will ask why you want an account,
    tell them you will get a summer job a Europa Park in Rust and would like to be prepared (no
    contract has been signed yet, so nothing to show, but hey you need an account for a german phone
    and a rental house)

    If you would like to have a German account with direct access to swiss market and a swiss CH account try this:
    Giro swiss - Das Girokonto für Grenzgänger - Sparkasse Hochrhein , find yourself an
    appropiated cover story also).
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  9. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    wonder how many people now got a Summer job in Europa Park in Rust :D
  10. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    Your right. Seems opening via the app then is limited. I opened when I was working in Luxembourg for 3 months a while ago. So yes it's no use to anyone here as you will have to visit to open if not in those countries I guess :-(

    You can open with BNP Paribas Luxembourg. It's 100% online and free if you are a resident on those countries (BE,DE,LUX,FR). Otherwise if you come from elsewhere you need minimum of 50,000 and pay 0.5% a year :-( Mobile app is comprehensive however.

    Devenir client BGL BNP Paribas - BGL BNP Paribas Luxembourg

    There is also

    Open a Free European Bank Account | Ferratum Bank (free but limited countries accepted)

    Keytrade Bank Luxembourg (free but requires you to post docs)

    Btw, N26 is limited in the European countries it accepts. I have had my eye on opening an account there for years but it does not accept all European countries.

    Europe: Where you can open an N26 account

    Bunq is best mobile bank I tested by far for their free service but its EURO only. If you use Bunq and Transferwise together then you don't need anything else. However, if you can afford the finer things in life and want more banking services and a long term place to keep your money safe then try out BGL BNP Paribas :)
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  11. josedavid

    josedavid New Member

    open non-resident corporate accounts in the European Union?
  12. josedavid

    josedavid New Member

    There is someone in this forum who is willing to invest with me to apply for an offshore banking license. Make a big bank trying to cover most of the demands of people like this specialized forum. With few people is enough, they are not very expensive with, ideal one in puerto rico, cheap in dominica.
  13. respect

    respect Offshore Agent Entrepreneur

    Ferratum Bank is one of the worst out there. You just need to check out their reviews on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ferratumbank.mobilebank&hl=en_GB - Their app doesn't work, the sign up process never ends and they keep your data.

    BGL BNP Paribas seems interesting but they only accept 4 countries, so it's kind of limited.
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  14. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    Not sure exactly what you mean. Best to ask them directly.
  15. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    There are enough offshore banks already to cover most demands. If they don't cover your demands then chances are its legally not possible :-(

    A banking license offers nothing over a PSP/EMI license for payment services unless you want to add value added services like investments, loans etc etc. EMI licenses in countries like Lithuania for example also offer direct access to SEPA payments for EMI's. So if you can get direct Euro payments why bother with a bank license and the headaches it brings with Basel regulations etc etc.
  16. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    No. They accept more countries outside those 4 if you have 50k like I said. Not a cheap service however :-(

  17. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    You can also try Wirex. I have known them for years. One of the first crypto cards I ever got before their cards got cancelled in Wavecrest debacle. Not sure who they are using now.


    P.S No b$tching about their bitcoin exchange rates. You don't like move on :)
  18. javier

    javier Active Member

    Hi Milky,

    Do you assist in bank account opening?

    I have a case i need assistance with.

    Let me know if there is a way i can contact you.

  19. respect

    respect Offshore Agent Entrepreneur

    Any more recommendations?
  20. Milky Moon

    Milky Moon Offshore Research & Development. Business Angel

    It is the biggest park after Disney in Europe, so there should be enough real traffic ;)