Best offshore bank CIM Bank Review maybe?

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  1. arturos

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    According to the rest of the posters here the below statement is old or OP do you still hold an account with them and for that reason able to bank in Switzerland?

    Please let me know how you are managed to get an account there.
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  2. Annabell

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    I found some reviews about them from May 2016 Reviews - CIM Banque
    It seems that some people just talk rather than do action! They have clients from all over the world Russian Federation (it May be Puttin) Chile, Ukraine, Ecuador and many other places!
    So the people that kept silence may be thus that have an account there and don't want to share their experience with us I guess ;)
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  3. Ardillon

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    Thanks for sharing this valuable information it means we can go and open an account with them regardless if we are from Pakistan or Germany! Cool, thanks for the information will get on it Monday this week.
  4. vitomerchant

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    I will get to them tomorrow and ask for the account opening. I will ask for personal account not offshore. doing it this way it may be easier later on to go back to them and say "hey you know me" I want an account for my offshore corp.
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    please reply here once done and once you have the bank account. thanksbla-"!
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    Can you send me a PM if you get an account with this CIM bank please? I would like to learn more.
  7. aage

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    please PM me too if you get the account opened with them. Anyway please let me know what they say even if they refuse to open the account. I'm curious what's about this bank and how they operate with foreign businesses.
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    Guys do you really tried to open an account there? I doubt, if you look at the link provided you will easely find the following information which I also put in the intiial post to people may see immediately that they actually accept foreigners:

    To open your account online, simply fill in the secure form below. The account opening is free.

    The present account opening form is for individual persons only. To open a business account, please contact us.
    Please note that the opening process requires a meeting in person or through video-conferencing.

    Citizens of the United States and Japan, as well as the following countries: Iraq, Myanmar, Sudan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria are requested to contact us before completing this form.

    And a cool video too that explains exact how to open an account with Cim Banque

  10. ghostbuster

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    This is exact what I was looking for, I will have to contact them by Monday and ask for the process to open an account with them. Does someone know is Switzerland still has banking secrecy maintained or is it over with that part?
  11. zoomer

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    @Admin you are a hero.. thanks a 1000 times for your update. I could have checked this but didn't because I saw all the reviews here about the bank. I will have a speak with them.
  12. jingodo

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    Tiered(not flat) incoming/outgoing transfer fees and very expensive sundry(account closing, initialize token and more) fees.
    Initiate cost is higher than flights to Switzerland in my case!
    Fees and Commissions
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  13. allan

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  14. fxmaster

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    I can easely go and visit this bank, it's only some hours in my car away. Do you consider them to be a reliable bank in matters of privacy?
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  15. webdriller

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    There has been lots of focus on Cim bank in this thread and I just wanted to confirm, they accept foreigners, they require personal visit or Skype interview and you can open a real Swiss account with them! Do you want my account number that I hold with them :D
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  16. hukal

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    Thank you for the wealth of information about Cim bank I have just planned my trip to Switzerland for the next week and plan to walk into the bank to get my account opened. I also agreed to meet with some agent specialized in forming Swiss companies. Will get back here to tell you about my review of CIM bank and how it went out for me with the account opening and maybe the Swiss company formation.
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  17. negon

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    Thank you very much for confirming this. Did you had to travel there to open the account or just the Skype interview?
  18. negon

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    Long time not heard from you, please if you read this come back here and let us know your review :)
  19. lucy

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    I have a video conference with them later, what questions did they ask??

    For everyone else, I went through an Agency in HKG ( to set up my business and bank (CIM Banque = additional 1,350 usd for appointment). I am Swedish resident of the Philippines... good luck!
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    Thank you for the update. Did you setup a Hong Kong company for your CIM account?