CG BANK (Comores) - reliable or not

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  1. Myotra

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    Dear comrades,

    I post here the info received from the Compagnie Bancaire du Golfe S.A and would like to ask if anyone has had any experience with this bank. Because another bank in Comores that I knew turned out to be a scam. Here is what they offer:

    "Our owners established СG bank with one goal: to provide a first-class experience for SME international corporate and private banking clients, combining technology with a personal touch.
    Each client is allocated a personal relationship manager who will be the main point of contact. I will, therefore, be your contact going forward.

    Please note by default we now offer SEPA Compliant IBAN numbers to all clients for
    Euro payments. We are one of the first offshore banks to offer this service due to our strong correspondent banking relationships.
    We offer bank accounts for non-residence companies with the possibility of making transfers either anonymously (with a common IBAN) or with a personal SEPA IBAN ( for personal IBAN - 50.000 EUR deposit is required), SWIFT.

    We are not CRS/OECD compliant therefore we guarantee absolute confidentiality for our clients.

    Here are some of the benefits we can offer to our clients:

    • Multicurrency accounts and unlimited international wire transfers
    • Confidentiality. No disclosure of personal data
    • Remotely account opening
    • Fast onboarding - typically 3-5 days
    • Basic document package
    • Internet banking. Easy access platform is at your convenience 24/7/365
    • Dedicated Relationship Manager for every account
    We currently have a special launch offer on our new prepaid cards that have no names for additional privacy and high reload limits. Please let me know if you are interested in this service when opening your account.
    As the next step, all you need to do is send me back scans of the application and KYC
    forms, together with your company documents if any, and we can normally get your account number issued within 3-5 working days. "

    Moreover they say that for unique IBAN number security deposit of 50.000 EUR is required.
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  2. Bmw850

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    I don't know them to give any feedback but what I read sounds good...if it s true
  3. Admin

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    This sounds very good an actually a opportunity that has to be tested unless someone here knows information that makes this to be like most of such operations, ´to good to be true´
  4. Dubsize

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    OECD? I guess they meant AEOI...
    Went to their website, their SWIFT code is apparently not working or disconnected. does not look serious at all to me.
    The 50K deposit is odd.
    I am very interested to know who's their correspondant bank...
    I'd be extremely careful with them just like I'd be with any other bank from this juridiction as most of them are in liquidation or suspended... list-of-regulated-entities-banking-companies
    One advice : stay away from it.
  5. negon

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    Someone know what requirements they have in order to get an account opened i.e. passport, utility bill and incorporation documents, what else?

    I got confirmed that the min. deposit is EUR 1000 and they can do IBAN + Swift transfers according to their live support on this website Home - CG Bank

    I assume it is the one we discuss here!!
  6. Martin Everson

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    If its that website then that bank is having a laugh. Blatant :D

    "Cash collection at the most convenient location negotiated with the client or at our offices Possibility to use ATM cash deposit services"

    Looks to be just a company with access to an EMI perhaps somewhere in Eastern Europe. Perhaps using MisterTango as they welcome crypto
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    I ve had experience in talking with their manager. Frankly speaking it was rather usefull conversation, Manager gave all required information. Now im thinking about opening bank account, but i need more feedback - therefore write all what you know about them plz
  8. Myotra

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    I wonder if they have any office in Comores. I called by their UAE phone number and it sounded like someone spoke to me through a mobile phone in the street.
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  9. ledger

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    Cheers Mates!

    I will meet with them in UAE office. Let's see what they can offer to me ;)