Director names are now public in Europe what to do?

Discussion in 'Offshore Business Discussion' started by LisaSimpson, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. LisaSimpson

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    Now, everywhere in Europe, the name of the company director is published. (in Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Uk, Spain, Cyprus at least).

    I would like to use a Belize or Seychelles company to hide my director name from the public by publishing my Belize company name on my website. The idea behind this would be to stay away from trouble from spammers, scammers, journalists, wierdo...

    When people want to publish ads on my website the money goes to my European company.

    I would like the Belize or the Seychelles company in the legal terms but i want the money to go to my Euro company.

    Any idea how can i do that to make it totally legit?

    I say it so because now, normally according to EU laws we should add Company in the legal terms of a website that sells something.

    For instance, would it be legal to have the euro company owns the Belize company. More importantly, i wonder how it would work from bookkeeping point of view.

    Thank you very much
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  2. pesto

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    This has always been so, that's why you need nominees.
    Simple ask the customers to pay you to your Belize company's bank account and transfer your money to the European company.

    There is no book keeping in Belize so don't worry there is no one that will ask you for anything in Belize.
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  3. LisaSimpson

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    Thank you,
    in this case, i think i could make the EU company director of the offshore company and get dividends from the offshore company this way.
  4. auric

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    Yes that would work. You could benefit from just have the two entities seperated I think. Because it would be possible to invoice your EU corp from the Belize company for instant for IP rights or something, so you can reduce profits in your EU company.

    Just an idea! You may consult an CPA to help you with this.
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  5. LisaSimpson

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    @pesto For your information, nominees are really expensive in my country. I have a company in NL and the cheapest nominee director would cost 8000 euros per year.

    @auric it makes sense
  6. hungryit

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    Lots of money Sir whoolllly... You want to appoint offshore nominee for your Belize, Cyprus, UK company. Belize company can be director and shareholder of your EU Company as far as I read?!
  7. predator

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    Using nominees is widely used also in Europe. You can appoint foreign nominees actually. Not sure if it is allowed in NL?!
  8. pesto

    pesto Offshore Agent Business Angel

    I agree this is too much you can get 4 offshore corps for this money!
  9. pesto

    pesto Offshore Agent Business Angel

    btw. have you asked an agent if they are willing to appoint their nominees to your company, there are agents doing that I heard!
  10. LisaSimpson

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    In my case, i don't think any nominees will accept because i sell documentaries where i criticize the North Korean regime and the Chinese regime. That's why i want to protect my identity
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  11. Admin

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    I would suggest you to get some of the documents that @auric is able to provide and have everything in a fake name just in case it's going wrong..
  12. pesto

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    WoW I see it's not good to reveal your identity on the Internet!!
  13. LisaSimpson

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    Yes, let me explain better. So let's imagine i publish interviews of former North Korean people who flew the DPRK regime.

    on my website according to the European laws (it is the same in every country of Europe) i have to publish the name of the company and its address on the website especially if i sell products. (For instance, i can offer licenses to TV channels about my content).

    Then, anyone can go to the Company house and check the name of the director. There are countries where it is really bad. For instance, in Ireland, they publish the personal address of the director!!!! on the company printout.
  14. Admin

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    You want to look into Belize, Seychelles and even Cyprus the latter will require nominees to hide your identity public.
  15. pesto

    pesto Offshore Agent Business Angel

    Use Belize or Seychelles company as Admin said already. Simple!
  16. I'mRobot

    I'mRobot Offshore Agent Entrepreneur

    OP can you say where you got incorporated with your business.
  17. LisaSimpson

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    I'mrobot, i don't know if the question was for me.
    In fact, i have an Irish company and if you go to company search you can get the exact address of directors when you purchase it. It is also the same in Czech Republic.
    In other words, a North Korean agent could come to my house and just shoot me down. European Union is so stupid !
  18. auric

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    We should all have registered our offshore corps last year where it was possible to register a company simply with a passport copy and in certain cases without to provide any information.
  19. clemens

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    What is wrong to appoint nominees in the countries where it is possible?
  20. HeartyHandshakes

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    Don't many countries want the ultimate benefiicial owner? I'm not sure so I'm humbly asking :)