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Question Easy and safe options to open an offshore corporation with payment gateway for online classes and digital goods

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Jan 20, 2021
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I would like to open a business (or maybe as a individual since I'm not planning on hiring anyone) to sell online classes and also different self -paced digital courses worldwide. I am French and have permanent residency in Paraguay and live there. I absolutely hate paperwork so I would like something as easy as possible and being able to do it remotely. So I think I have the following options:
- Paraguay: the easiest would be to run this as a freelancer, use my personal bank account, and pay 10% income tax above $10k. But there is no Stripe or Paypal here so I will have to rely on other payment gateways like 2Checkout, I don't know if they would accept individuals, it take a while to create a company, banks are very bad (tons of paperwork ) and most of my revenue will be in dollar and euro so the fees to convert each transaction into the local currency might be high.
- USA: use Stripe as an individual but I'm not even sure that is possible. I did live in the US for a few years so I did have an SSN and I still have a bank account but not sure I can still use the SSN and what would be the tax treatment for a non resident. I certainly do not want to pay income tax in the US. However, I don't have a physical address in the US which is a requirement for Stripe or Paypal.
- USA: create an LLC in New Mexico, open a Wise business or Mercury and get Stripe. I would pay 0 taxes since I'm not resident but the rules are changing regularly and not in the right direction and the actual wording apparently for the 0 tax for non resident is so vague that it could be a risk.
- Panama: it seems interesting and more risk-free compared to the US but creating a corporation is a lot more expensive, then for the bank, it's not easy or maybe I can use Transferwise business.
- Others....

Do you have any of these setup? Can you advise me? Thanks a lot.
In relation to your current location and intended business activity, a duly registered biz entity would suffice.

your business module would offer services within you current location as well as globally via an online platform to the clients.

Your typical setup package, would be a biz merchant acct+ biz banking attached.

2checkout requires a business bank acct attached, just after the registration process and onboarding requirements has been duly verified.

notes to take: biz banking must be in sync with the preferred registered biz name,POA, a few utility bills,Certs Of Registration,Memoranda,Biz Tax No. etc would be catered to, prior to getting it all live and functional.

banking should consist of Swift Facilty,Debit options, as well easy cashout access..Transferwise is an EMI and as such most payments processors detest EMIs, and would take in physical banking over EMIs..Do take into consideration EMIs consist Of KYC and its specific onboarding criterias as well..not forgetting its Tax and due diligence procedures. rea#44!
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