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Hi All,

I'm struggling to get my setup rolling. I thought the exchange account would be the easy part, but they are asking for FCA license, wich we don't have. Here is my current scenario:

UK LTD with german UBO.

Chananalysis Reactor and KYT (because of customer screening and AML policies)

Cashaa USD and EUR bank account verified and running.

Binance - Corporate Verification ok, but they dont accept fiat deposits / SEPA
Kraken - Asked for FCA license status =(
Bitstamp - Asked for FCA license status =(
Swissquote - waiting reply =/
Bitcoinsuisse - waiting reply =/
Coinbase - Asked for FCA license status =(
Bittrex - verified, ent a SEPA of 100 EUR to test 7 days ago, nothing happend =(
Coinbase - waiting reply (5 weeks) =(
Coinmama - waiting for the face to face apostile to continue onboarding process - (HOPE)

Any ideas of an """easy""" exchange to get verified wich accepts fiat from corportations?

Tx in advance.


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Your in a tight one....EMIs decide the final outcome, despite all verification procedures...

as per your thread heading, are you looking to push fiat into Crypto ? Regularly??

Thus far establishing a Two way opsec of crypto>Fiat/Fiat>Crypto, for a corporation would be tedious as this route is left to the mercy of EMIs ultimately..

A few service providers on here with speciality in UAE structures/setups might have a blueprint inrelation to your opsec...checkout and Pm
They could helpout in certain criterias...cig-:,


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You need to be regulated to do it the right way. Get an Estonia licence to start with then setting up with the exchanges won't be a problem.

Budget €30K plus £12K capital deposit which can be taken out immediately after licence is obtained.

You can buy a License for about €50K.
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