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Is tax evasion still not a crime in Switzerland?

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Let’s assume a person is a resident in country A, and do tax evasion in country B using a Swiss bank account

Is tax evasion still NOT a crime in Switzerland? Does this mean that if you do tax evasion using Swiss bank accounts, country B will not be able to use mutual assistance treaties to request information on you from Switzerland?


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Tax evasion is a crime in all (?) countries.

Tax evasion is for poor people, whereas tax optimization is for wise people.


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However, it seems that Swiss residents accused of tax evasion by a foreign country, are in many/most cases not extradited.
sounds good, any evidence for this?

What about Cyprus, I think I remember they also not consider tax evasion a crime if it isn't their own country. Another user mentioned Turkey that also not consider Tax Evasion a crime!


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sounds good, any evidence for this?

Extradition on the grounds of fiscal offences will be approved only in particularly serious cases. The terms of cooperation under the Schengen Agreement also provide for extradition owing to offences in the realm of consumer taxes, value-added tax and customs duties. A fiscal offence is not deemed to have been committed in cases in which perpetrators of subsidy fraud have money which is not due to them paid out to them under false pretences by the tax authorities, for example.

Where no other rules have been set down (see section 1), extradition may be denied if the alleged offence is subject to the jurisdiction of the Swiss courts (Art.35 and 36 IMAC), if the offence is time-barred (Art.5 IMAC) or ifthe accusation is an offence which appears to be aimed at reducing fiscal dutiesor taxes, or which violates regulations on currency, tradeor economicmeasures(Art.3 para. 3 IMAC). Under certain conditions, extradition may be granted for taxfraud (Art.3 para. 3b IMAC). Extradition may also be refusedif you are able immediatelyfurnishconclusiveevidence that you were not at the scene of the offence when it allegedly occurred (Art.53 IMAC)


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They have passed the bill recently to consider it as a crime
They could not withstand the pressure of the USA and rest of the EU I guess.

Martin Everson

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Forget it with Switzerland as I said before on here. Switzerland is actually pushing for greater enhancements to CRS so they can report more...lol. They have had a white money policy for years now. Any hint of tax evasion and they are not interested any longer. They learnt their lesson the hard way.



On a related note, if you get into some trouble in the region coo-:!y

In Germany and Austria the law recognizes that it is basic human nature to escape and hence the act of escaping itself is not a crime, although you may be punished for any other crime that you commit during your escape.


Switzerland has decided to take the communist path. Proceed with caution if you want to proceed at all.
They take this crs reporting very seriously as good communists and privacy haters do.
Geopolitically very weak, they have weak leaders and vote for greenism/leftist parties. It is by far not the same place as it was 10-15 years ago.

* wef in january 2020
* election results in 2019
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