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    You can exchange BTC to USD or BTC to EUR and many other crypto currencies. After exchange you simply withdraw your money to your personal or business account depending on what TIER you are verified.
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    Management in Malta, company in Malta and the rest in Germany! Good luck guys.. only submit pennies to them for a LOOONNNNNNGGGGG TIME to avoid losts.
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    Totally agree!!!
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    With European company much better a standard account... maltese is not that relielable at the moment!
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    Does Paysera open accounts for BVI, Seychelles, Belize?

    Thank you!
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    For sure not for seychelles!
    Request denied a week ago
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    Be aware that EPayments use Rietumu as their backend.
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    Question about a more recent experience with MisterTango registration. I am particularly conflicted on this part. "In order to fully activate the account you need to send funds from another bank account (with the same company name) and once funds deposited the account is fully operational". This seems like a "chicken & egg" problem, how can I send money from a company bank account when I am trying to setup a company bank account for the first time.

    Does anyone have any suggestions around this? Or perhaps recommend another EMI?
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    Is Rietumo that bad?

    Try with transferwise
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    Thanks Admin!
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    Is it true that advcash works with SEPA transfers only?

    I have also learnt that Worldcore works only with SEPA. A universal EMI with SWIFT transfers and smooth KYC procecedure is hard to find.
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    yes they are SEPA only.