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    <<snipped spam>>
    Electronic Money Institutions (E-Money Institution, EMI) are a new era in banking with a focus on remote services, mobile apps, and streamlines, simple services. The most noteworthy examples are probably Paysera, LeuPay, and N26.

    Most of these EMIs are riding on new EU/EEA regulations meant to increase competition in banking, which is why there practically aren’t any from outside this region that offer the same level of services with unique, individual bank accounts (IBAN with SEPA capability for rapid, low-cost EUR transfers within EU/EEA).

    Many of these institutions do not hold banking licenses and a few are relying entirely on third-party licensing.

    Nonetheless, no guarantees are made for the accuracy or validity of the information presented here.

    EMI / Bank Jurisdiction Platform IBAN Card Card country License Platform Bank Restrictions Type
    Anytime France All France Visa UK Unclear ? R. Raplhael & Sons EU/EEA (not all) All
    Bred Espace France Web France No N/A Bank BRED BRED France? All
    Bunq Netherlands Mobile Netherlands Maestro Netherlands Bank Own ? EU/EEA All
    Deutsche Handelsbank Germany Web Germany No N/A Bank Sofort Own None Business
    Hello Bank France Web France No N/A Bank BNP BNP France Personal
    Holvi Finland All Germany MasterCard Germany E-money Wirecard BBVA EU/EEA Business
    ImaginBank Spain All Spain Bank Caixa Bank Caixa Bank EU/EEA Personal
    LeuPay Malta / Bulgaria All Malta MasterCard Bulgaria, others E-money Own Satabank None All
    MisterTango Lithuania Web Lithuania No N/A E-money Own SEB None All
    Monese Estonia Mobile UK domestic, aggregate IBAN Visa UK E-money Own Lloyds EU/EEA Personal
    MoneyPlusCard Malta Web Malta No N/A E-money ? ? ? All
    N26 Germany All Germany MasterCard Germany Bank Own Own EU/EEA (not all) Personal, sole trader
    PayMix Malta Web Malta MasterCard Malta E-money Own ? None All
    Paysera Lithuania All Lithuania Visa UK E-money Own SEB None All
    Revolut UK Both UK domestic, aggregate IBAN MasterCard UK E-money ? ? EU/EEA Personal
    Swirl Card Ireland Web Unclear MasterCard ? Unclear ? ? Ireland, UK Personal
    Viabuy Germany Web Germany MasterCard Germany Unclear PPRO ? EU/EEA Personal
    Worldcore Czech Republic Web Czech Republic MasterCard Gibraltar E-money Own ?
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    Thanks for the share, great list thu&¤#
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    Do you tried all of them or you just shared a list? Reason for why I'm asking is that it would be great to know which of these actually accept simple KYC documents to verify the account and which require additional verification i.e. SMS/phone, video chat, notarized docs. etc.
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    hi auric
    have tried leupay (personal and corporate BVI company), mistertango (UK company and personal), viabuy (personal), handelsbank (corporate), bunq (personal), revolut (personal), worldcore (corporate)
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    Great thanks for your reply.. do you mind to describe the verification process with each :)
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    LeuPay - requirements for local company phone number (you can generate fake one), real company registered address (at this place you will receive confirmation letter or debit card) and mobile number of company's representative (used for SMS confirmation)

    Paysera - same requirements fro mobile number for SMS confirmation, I can mark also that company manager shall provide utility bill.

    I personally prefer LeuPay, my experience with them is excellent. I also recommend their services to clients and have several corporate accounts opened there for clients. Their division for online merchants (myPOS) is also working on perfect level.

    Can you please provide detailed info on Worldcore and Advcash? I would like to know which one is preferable for account opening of offshore entities. Pros and cons of each one?
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    This is a great list, I have found some new wallets I want to try. thanks OP thu&¤#
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    Great list OP - I found some services I wasn't familiar with. Now I have to work more ;)
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    Hi admin here is a summary of each one

    Leupay personal - all info input online on the website form, uploaded passport and utility bill. The key element was for mobile number as the site texted verification code and you needed to input it. As soon as you verify the mobile number, you are automatically allocated a bank account number with IBAN with Sata Bank Malta (SWIFT: STBAMTMT) Within a couple of days the documents were reveiwed by the Leupay team and account was fully active. You can also get a debit card ordered via your account once logged in and it ships out to your address. Accepts transfers from third parties directly into account. Accepts transfers from third parties directly into account.
    Leupay corporate - again as above all info input online via website, uploaded corporate documents of company (no legalisation was required) and passport/utility of director/shareholder. Note even for the company you require a mobile number (to proceed with verification of steps mentioned above). If you already have a personal account with leupay you cannot use the same registered email address and mobile number to create for a business account (the system wont let you). Again was allocated a bank account with IBAN with SAtabank (SWIFT: STBAMTMT). Once the uploaded corporate documents were reviewed the account was fully active. Likewise a debit card can be ordered. This is shipped to either to the person who is registering the accoutn for the company (shareholder/director) or to the registered address of the company.
    Mistertango - you input your email and password and register on the wesbite, you get an email to confirm registration which is valid for 1 hour. Once you verify the email, you have option to choose for personal use or for corporate use, and fill in details of company name registration number and also need a mobile number to verify the account. Once via sms you verify the account, you have option to automatically be allocated a account number of your choice (it can be your phone number etc) and or randomly generated system number. The account with IBAN is allocated with bank MISTERTANGE (SWIFT MIEGLT21). You are also allocated a bitcoin account and can send bitcoins to your account. In order to fully activate the account you need to send funds from another bank account (with the same company name) and once funds deposited the account is fully operational. They have a very fast turnaround and everything is done in 24hours. After that Accepts transfers from third parties directly into account.
    Viabuy - this is not an account per say and you order a debit card with a dedicated IBAN with Deutsche Kontor Privatbank (SWIFT DEKTDE7GXXX). You fill in details of cardholder and need a mobile number to verify text message and receive your pin. Once you order the card and receive it (takes about 1 week) you activate the card with the card number and your account, and in meantime you need to fund the card with 90 Euros includes card issuing fee and initial deposit. Different id levels with different limits and you input all details online, upload passoprt and utility bill. Within 1 day the due dilligence documents were approved and the account was automatically allocated. Accepts transfers from third parties directly into account.
    Bunq - you need to fill in phone number and email and get a ewallet. Download the app on you phone (android or ios) You can upgrade the account and get an account IBAN (SWIFT BUNQNL2A) with verification of passport/id and video call.
    handelsbank - this was done via email after contacting them via the online form. Usualy method of providing corporate documents and also passorts and utility bill and then sending them legalised documents via courier for them to check originals.
    Revolut - you download the app (android or ios) which can only be done if you a resident in list of countries they provide services and fill in your profile (name, address, number, email etc) once done you need to verify using passport/id card and photo of your face. Once verified the account will be active. You can alo verify and deposit funds from a debit card you own where then you need to check you bank statement and see the numbers on the statement to verify. You can deposit money to your revolut account only from a bank account registered in your name.
    Worldcore - similar to Leupay regarding the process all done via the website and uploading of documents both corporate and for directors/shareholders and also use of email and mobile number for sms verification, you also provide a secret word (this is used as an identifier when contacting support) Accepts transfers from third parties directly into account.
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    N26 bank in Germnay sucks like most financial services!
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    This is an awesome list actually I'm looking into a few of them and their application process. Will post an update here shortly.
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    hi Admin
    any luck with these? any updates?
    am interested to know info about the ones i havent already tested
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    Anyone using Leupay with Belize or Seychelles IBC?
  14. GCE

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    What about AliPay? Has tried their e-wallet?
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    Not yet.. I'm doing progress but I still have some details that I need to get sorted out!
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    Thanks for the link, Mohawk.

    I am planning to use Alipay wallet to send/receive payments, if possible. According to AliPay for Business page, they provide payment gateways for online payments from Chinese customers. But there is no info about incoming payments from other countries.
    E.g. I need to install the gateway/ virtual POS on my website, so I can collect clients payments. Part of the funds will be transfered to another account outside China. Is that possbile with AliPay or I need additional payment processor?
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    The best list I have seen with digital currency service providers!
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    Has someone tried this bank? Since it is Deutsche Kontor Privatebank that owns it I'm right to assume it is a bank ?
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    hi @SoFast
    Viabuy is not a bank or bank account its a debit card facility and each card has its own unique IBAN (the dedicated IBAN with bank Deutsche Kontor Privatbank with SWIFT DEKTDE7GXXX)
    the service belongs to PPRO Financial Ltd, not Deutsche Kontor Privatbank
    this has also been discussed on another thread - Anonymous bank card with personal IBAN account number, QCKCard
    can confirm that it has been tried and tested and it works, only thing to note down is the limits on the card check the website for more details
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