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Plimus are a SCAM and fraud customers!


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Jan 11, 2009
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This guy got big problems with his contact with Plimus, be warned everyone!

After reading glowing reviews of Plimus I decided to go with them as a payment processor (I was considering going with Paypal directly but it sounded like too much work).

Later, I would regret choosing Plimus and being so hasty in choosing a processor.

Everything seemed to be working fine, the setup was straightforward and I chose the option of uploading a list of license keys to be dispensed by Plimus (less chances of something going wrong).

Then I made my first order, as well as letting my friends and family know they can put some orders in if they want to.

To my horror, all the orders we made were put into Plimus’ Under-Review status. Which means every buyer has to receive a robot Callback for verification.

In all the years I’ve been buying stuff online I never had to go through this process as a buyer.

The worst part of it is that the robot does not call immediately. It may call several hours later.

Which means you have to sit by the phone and wait for the call.

Because, if you miss the call, it may not call again for several days (if it’s the weekend, especially).

A few of the family members that ordered the product got a Order Rejected message because the robot was not able to get hold of them (3-4 day after making the initial order).

None of the people who ordered received their key sooner than 2 days after ordering.

I then did a search online on ‘Plimus Phone Verification’ and found people complaining about this in 2005! 4 years later, and Plimus still hasn’t done anything about this.

This is a classic case of a company not listening to it’s users needs and generally not caring at all.

I then agonized about this for several days. On the one hand, I was told this was only done for the first orders and then verification would be turned off (except for suspicious cases, which seems to include anyone not in the US).

So part of me wanted to wait and see if things would improve (especially since I had already done the work setting things up with Plimus and didn’t want to go through the whole process again with another service).

On the other hand, I had no idea how long this ‘probationary’ period would last. And I had gnawing suspicions about the quality and the general philosophy behind a company that would let things go on the way they are since 2005.

I just couldn’t decide. I was stuck.

Finally, I made up my mind to switch to another service.

I can’t stress enough how liberating that decision was. Just making a decision, any decision, was better than procrastinating and agonizing about it.

I switched to Fast Spring (my other option was 2checkout.com), and it was quite easy to switch.

Luckily Fast Spring supported the same method of uploading a list of keys, otherwise I would have had to make changes in my program.

Fast Spring also quickly set up an order page that conformed to the layout of my website withing a couple of days which was a bonus.

They don’t seem to have Plimus’ infamous chargeback fee as well, which is a plus.

A minor complaint about Fast Spring is the ‘upload license keys’ function which seems quite slow and only able to handle about 5000 keys at a time.

And I wish that they supported showing the license key on the ‘order completed’ web page, instead of only supporting it via email.

The email-only situation, leaves the user hanging there at the end of the transaction, waiting for the email (although Fast Spring seems to be very quick at sending that email – within a minute or so).

This could be a problem with email spam filters.

All in all, I would recommend Fast Spring at this point in time.

Plimus Delphi mISVer

I will never use Plimus!
Well, if scam or not, a company still using a worse system which has complaints from 2004 as non-working should be ignored.

If they do not count their customer, they should not earn any money with their service.
It isn't any difficult to see that they are scamming people.

Check all links below

Rip-off Report: EDetective - Plimus - Cyberwire unauthorized charges, fraudulent consumer practices, worthless software ripoff San Diego California *EDitor's Suggestions on how to get your money back into your bank account!

Plimus Complaints - Ripoff artists
Hi All, Leore from Plimus here.

First of all, I would like to set the record straight that Plimus is a well-respected online payment and billing service based in the USA. We process several hundred thousand transactions each year, with a total value of around $100 million, and serve leading credit card services and banks across the world.

We have millions of satisfied customers. Many software, digital content, and computer game vendors use our services to sell products as our system uses anti-fraud components to provide secure online commerce.

Second, we know our Manual Review system can be a pain, but we are constantly working on revising the system. For the time being, it is an essential part of our service due to the high rate of fraud with electronically delivered products.

Third, we assure you that we do not take customer complaints lightly. Due to customer complaints/suggestions we have already:

• Added an 'instant confirmation' page to the process: customers now can tell what's going on the moment their purchase is closed, even if their email system rejects our notifications.

• Expanded the customer service team who speaks directly to customers.

• Reduced the number of Manual Review orders through a substantial review and adjustment of the fraud detection rules.

I share this because I want to make it clear that we recognize quite clearly that this is a very important issue, and that we are dedicating substantial time and effort to driving a solution that meets your quite reasonable concerns.

On a side note, I have seen multiple versions of this original post from Delphi mISVer. I would appreciate if you contact me directly so that we can solve this matter.

Feel free to email if you have any further questions/concerns at [email protected]
The complains about your service are still comming in, wonder what you will do to get rid off them?

For instant I my self and many users around the net have expirience that you want to call certain cardholders before you release the money to them, thats good, but even if the phone number you should call works your staff claims it don't and reverse the transactions, this is not the best thing to do!!
Plimus is 100% SCAM, a bad experience I want to share with people

Plimus.com is a fraudulent company making money on both customers and software vendors.

I was quite happy with Plimus for nearly 1 year. But suddenly, one day ago, they sent us an email telling that our product and my business are not keeping with their Business Model and the money will be HELD INDEFINITELY. There was not more details why the account was suspended.

We have software patents and legal corporate document to run our business. I dont know why they dispatched the horrible email and now all the money we have accumulated this month is in their pocket. We have been making more than $30,000 each month. There is no way to get our money. It was a terrible day.

Once again, and I confirm that Plimus is 100% scam. People, stay away from this company. I have been telling all other software vendors I know about this TRUE STORY.
The only problem I had with plimus.com was a very bad customer support, and the way to pay anyone is to complicated and time wasting so when I see a website using plimus.com I just walk away, will never do a payment again with them.

They say they will call you but no one do and you have to wait ages before your payment "maybe" get through to the merchant and you can get your stuff.
Our experience

My company has used Plimus for over 3 years. I can tell you that they have some of the worst customer service I have ever seen. They frequently flag orders for manual review, where it can remain in limbo for days. Obviously this drives the customer crazy (and us). When you open a trouble ticket to tell them that the customer is known to you and has purchased before, they simply close the trouble ticket with no response and no action.

What's worse is that they will sometimes not pay you what they owe you, with a bogus explanation that the funds need to be held in reserve.

We are currently looking for a new payment processor. Would have done it a long time ago but it is a major ordeal changing the whole payment system. If you are thinking about using Plimus, think again.

I've used iPortis for one product and had nothing but good experiences. I've heard good things about BMT Micro and Fastspring. I do recommend staying away from SWReg and Shareit. Whoever you go with, make sure they have a good affiliate network. This is an important source of revenue.
There is nothing really wrong with Plimus's affiliate network. It doesn't generate a lot of sales, but I don't think any of them really do. I'll admit I have no experience with other affiliate networks. The key thing is to have an affiliate program that is listed in your PAD files. Shareware directories, seeing this, will sign up, and give you a better ranking. Alas, shareware directories are not very trusted any more, not with all the cookie cutter sites and malware out there. 70% of our sales come from Google searches. BTW, we gave up on Adwords years ago. It is not profitable. If you do use Adwords, be sure to analyze your server logs to see if it is really making any money for you.

As for SWReg, we had a very bad experience. Not long after they were bought by digital river, they made a bunch of changes that left our ordering forms non-functional. They made this change on a Friday afternoon, then went home for the weekend without answering any trouble tickets. They don't have any staff on the weekend. So we were dead in the water for 2 days. I was so pissed I switched to Plimus that Sunday.
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I can confirm Plimus is terrible service

I have been trying to be reimbursed for a service that I could not use and Plimus has ignored my complaints and refused to pay even though I completely qualify to be reimbursed. It is shocking. So stay away from Plimus
Plimus is the WORST!

For 1, it takes over a month to get your money, PayPal is instant, Google Checkout takes 2 days -- Plimus pays on the 15th for the month before - so if you get a payment on the 1st of the month, you won't get it for 45 days

Charge backs = $15 fee --, the thing is, Plimus seems to be the king of charge backs - they take hours to approve a order, but their security sucks, a lot of scams go through Plimus.

Try to send a support request -- HA, it'll take days if not a week to get a respons if you get one, they have been like that for years (I have been with them for 3, used as a second option to Paypal)

Their system is a joke, CoNfuSiOn! You can't really tell what you have made, reports are also a joke.
How does this thread make Plimus to a SCAM? Maybe they have a bad customer support, maybe they have long payout periods? maybe, but how does it make them a SCAM or fraud?
Sorry, forgot the most important part -- they don't pay! Been waiting on money from them since Oct. 2011 -- 5 tickets opened and 1 reply -- a canned reply at that that has nothing to do with my question --- so what makes them a scam -- the fact they won't pay!