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Setting Up an Anonymous, Low-Cost Tax-Free Company Globally in 2024 with Minimal Compliance Requirements?

No you don't want to form a company in Panama, you want to form an offshore company like US LLC and manage it from Panama.
Territorial taxation applies when a service is provided or delivered within the national territory, subject to the regular corporate income tax. However, if the work is performed outside of the country and the client is foreign, the income is exempt from taxes.

So the important question remains - where will the services be provided from.
Don't take your 500,000 USD/year business offshore just to save on taxes. You probably can't save on taxes (legally) and even if you do, I'd bet the costs of doing so aren't that much different from the costs of paying tax.
500 is revenue? What profit should you have on minimum to consider offshore?

These points can you elaborate?
Establish your residence and business in such a way that secrecy is a non-issue.

Use nominees cleverly and carefully.

Good asset protection usually doesn't rely on secrecy
How can I set up a tax-free company in 2024 in any location worldwide, ensuring anonymity for its owners, with minimal accounting and auditing requirements, and requiring only a small amount of paid-in share capital?
You may be kind and update the thread with your findings if you don't mind :)
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What about...

If you're non-US citizen selling your services/goods/investing in the USA > register a company in Marshall islands or Seychelles (Low-Cost + Anonymous + 0 Tax) to receive money > open Delaware Corp in the US (very Low-Cost + Anonymous + 0 Tax) make a contract and transfer money from your island company to your US company bank account > use your US company account with a debit card to enjoy life > expand business with your US Corp. to EU and get 0 Tax from EU business too...?

- Anyone can share any similar experience...?
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@webangel the problem with your suggested setup is the banking which is not anonymous at this point. You would need something more in order to avoid your name appear in banking transactions, that something is discussed in details in mentor group gold for years.
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In the cases I have been involved they send everything to the tax authorities in Denmark what had my name on it, also corporate accounts.
@EliasIT Do all banks exchange company account owners info with their country of residence? CRS is only for the private accounts or for the business accounts too..?
CRS is for everyone who owns a foreign account, whether it's a company account or a private account. It is the person who has the power of attorney and access to the account that gets reported to the tax authorities. Otherwise, it would be far too easy to escape the authorities' reach.

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