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I am using them for around 6 months
Transferred around 2000 eur no problems. I live in the middleast. I fully recommend them. I don't recommend them if you are dealing in any thing shady or you live in any of troubles areas


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I am using Transferwise for about two years. Never a problem.
I am fully satisfied.

PS: Forget them if your business is borderline or illegal or without invoices/agreement.
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I believe this is the business that you present to them which don't work once they look deeper into it! Transfer wise has great reviews and many people are just happy with them so I don't think they could keep the company a live if the services was that bad.
not as you think ,they change reviews on trustpolit .


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TransferWise is rated "Excellent" with 9.1 / 10 on Trustpilot - does not sound bad.

But I have to say their application process for businesses (corp/entity) regards the wording is legally inconsistent and initially they refused to complete the application saying I'd already have an account (just a bug, but nothing a bank-like company should have on their website).
Same for the bank details they provide: The account is in my private name, not ion the name of the corp - do you have that too?


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Only good experiences with them (all legit businesses). Got multiple accounts with them for parent holding etc pp. Have put 6 digits through them this year with 5 digits per transaction - no issues. Only reputable countries, banks though.

How to get multiple company accounts (supported by them);

I had to call support up to get multiple accounts (company accounts), they specifically allow you to create multiple private accounts for this purpose as you need one private account per business account. The way this works is you call them up, explain they will then tell you to register a new private account (think i was even able to use the same phone number) and this account will then automatically flagged by their system as being a double account and put on hold. You call them up and they will disable that lock for you allowing you to register your 2nd company under that new account.

PS: Also switching countries for the UBO etc went without any issues.

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