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Chat Rooms
OffshoreCorpTalk  - Mentor Group Gold - Chat Rooms

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UPDATE Nov. 2020

Becoming a Mentor Group Gold member separates you from the million of business owners. An all-in-one resource for the serious businessperson, our group provides you with many benefits that quickly earn back the cost of membership. In fact, a single discount on providers’ services can more than pay for the cost of becoming a Mentor Group Gold member. Let’s take a look at the opportunities that make Mentor Group Gold a crucial choice for anyone starting a company, opening a bank account, or seeking a payment gateway.

Guides for the Mentor Group Gold members
Since December 2020 we have collected some of the most interesting information from the mentor group forums and turned them into articles and guides for an easier understanding and an extra service to our Mentor Group Gold members.

This part of the forum is updated on a regular basis or as soon as we have information sufficient to create a new guide.

Most, if not all, of the information provided in the guides is about services, information and tools which are never published on the public forums. We frequently move threads from the public forums into the Mentor Group Gold for various reasons.

An Extensive Database With Discounts
Members of Mentor Group Gold have access to an exclusive database full of high-level service providers, crypto-currency exchanges, payment gateway services, and electronic money institutions. Currently, we have 210 of these service providers available to all Mentor Group Gold members, with more partnerships planned for the near future. Even better, many of our partners provide valuable discounts that can save you more than the cost of membership. We have five providers that currently go so far as to provide a minimum discount of 10% to all our members.

Consistent Updates
Not only do Mentor Group Gold members enjoy access to the choicest of service providers in our database, but OffshoreCorpsTalk is always looking to improve your experience. We offer consistent updates based on user feedback, including streamlining our RESOURCE page layout to give you a better, ultra-fast view of the services on offer.

A Plethora of Options
You don’t want to miss out on all the benefits you get as a Mentor Group Gold member. As we strive for excellence, no doubt our available services will grow. Currently, you can enjoy an array of benefits like: - Mentor Group Gold - Resource Section

  • Company formation assistance
  • Banking and financial services
  • Payment service providers (credit card processors)
  • Crypto Payment Gateway
  • High Risk Merchant Account - Payment Gateways
  • EMI - Electronic Money Institution
  • Crypto Exchange
  • Gold & Silver Buy!
  • Virtual Cards - VCC
  • Escrow Services
  • SIM card providers - Texting/SMS services
  • Virtual Office services
  • VPN Providers
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I rewatched the movie in the initial post, it's awesome and more relevant then ever!
nice one ;)

Have been a repeating member of the mentor group for a few years, never regret to support this wonderful forum. It has always been interesting to read, learn and engage with mentor group users and the forums there.

My entire setup with a offshore company, banking and merchant account has its roots from the mentor group gold, without this membership back in time I would not have had the business operations as I have it now. It has been a complete gamechanger for me.
second that... almost same story here.. if you are lost because you are new to all of this the mentor group gold will make your live much easier.

If you are a service provider wanting promoting your business in some way to reach out to the community the mentor group gold is for you.


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Don't forget to check out the latest mega guide published in the Mentor Group Gold Guide & Tips

It's an awesome read for all interested in second passport, reliable service providers for anonymity, offshore banking and payment processing!

A summary of this mega guide will be published within the next 24 hours in the public forums as a sneak peak ;)
nice share.

the resource section of the mentor group gold safe me a lot of time when looking for service providers of almost any type I need for my day to day business thu&¤#


Mentor Group Gold
Came back here about an hour ago just to see the insane growth and development of OffshoreCorpTalk.

Paid for 6 months by crypto in a row, please adjust membership @Admin.


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Paid for 6 months by crypto in a row, please adjust membership @Admin.
you're all set, thanks for your support, much appreciated.


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Send you 0,056 BTC for 2 years membership, want to support your project long time - feel free to give a discount at your own decision.
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Send you 0,056 BTC for 2 years membership, want to support your project long time - feel free to give a discount at your own decision.
Britney Spears Television GIF
Thank you a thousands times, it helps very much.. I have adjusted your membership.

Another upgrade from me cheers thu&¤#
Thank you, you're awesome thu&¤#


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noticed my subscription was expired again. Can I convert to a long time subscription if I pay in advance? @Admin
Sure of course you can, just PM me details and I will arrange for it.


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You got your deal :) Paid for 6 months upfront and got 3 months extra.

For everyone else interested in a long time subscription which helps supporting our community, please contact us using the contact form, we are happy to find a good deal for you thu&¤#
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