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WARNING - THIS IS FRAUD read the entire thread!

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I want to ask if anyone else is experiencing huge delays in page load and load of services with the wallet provider ?

For instant you click on Crypto to Fiat Services and it takes at least 1 minute before the page loads, regardless what you are doing on this website it takes ages zzzzzzz and you fall in sleep.

Nerveless I'm going through their verification process at the moment and will try order their debit card, let's hope it is going better! They claim to have 500K daily users, maybe they can effort to buy some stronger servers.


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WOW be careful!!!!!!

I hit the LOAN button to see what it is and then hit CANCEL, 5 minutes later I got an email that they have issued a loan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your have successfully applied for a loan!

Please transfer the collateral to the amount of 0.03496688 BTC to the address below to get your loan.


Loan: 0804-2021USDT-1
Amount to Deposit: 0.03496688 BTC

Please note that we fixed the basic exchange rate for 12 hours and we expect you to deposit the collateral before this period runs out.

If you don't manage to deposit on time, no worries: your earlier deposited funds (if any) will be available in your wallet and you can easily apply for a new loan.

Is this a BIG SCAM operation from Estonia?

I'm so happy I didn't transferred any money to them just asked them to close my account!


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I am not related to this company in any way but I don't think it's a scam and there are many crypto licensed companies in Estonia that are used for scamming.
This one stands out being a joint-stock company with EUR 730k share capital.


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I'm using crypterium for more than a month now. I have both the plastic and virtual Visa cards. What I can say for sure that they have a poorly developed app. They just need to spend more on developing and improving their app. The service goes down a lot preventing you from performing basic functions like exchanging crypto or loading their card. I don't think they are scammers but their app is just bad.
Offshore Bank Accounts
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution
Offshore Bank Accounts
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution