What EMI/bank supports transfers to Kraken/Bitstamp?



I need to buy/sell bitcoins for EUR.
I need to find service/bank to open corporate account in EUR and then make a transfer to Kraken or other crypto currency exchange. I know lot of services do not allow this transfers (revolut, transferwise, some banks also). Company is incorporated in Cyprus.

What would you suggest?


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Maybe you want to try Wirex Business. You have an Iban there, so transfer to IBAN exchange to BTC and pay out to your wallet, and from there to Kraken.
I guess maybe it's also possible to withdraw/transfer from/to Kraken BTC adress directly. But as I once had problems transfering FIAT to Kraken (and it was a big amount), I implemented this extra step with my own wallet as a security measurment, but I guess it's not needed, but still don't want to try, haha :D


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Mistertango is fine for this purpose. They will open an account in EUR for CY and reliable for crypto.


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Don't even try it with Revolut, Transferwise, Monese, Paysera unless you want to lose your money or have them locked for weeks.


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Anyone will advise decent EMI or something to RECEIVE funds from Kraken for EU company? Except for MT.

I heard Wirexapp is fine for that, is it?